Hezbollah Gambinos on Steroids: Hezbollah Buying Property Owned by Christians Strategic to Hitting Israel

A story today in the New York Times details how Hezbollah in Lebanon, through the Lebanese Bank of Canada, has become a powerful conduit for drugs and money laundering. The article is five pages, and full of details, that I won’t try to relate here, other than to give you the flavor of what is know of  Hezbollah’s mafia-type operations – earning them “Gambinos on Steroids” status. Note that their billions give are providing the opportunity to buy up lands long held by Lebanese Christians to better position themselves to target Israel.

New York Times:

And the deal fit a pattern, highly controversial in this religiously combustible land, in which entities tied to Hezbollah have been buying up militarily strategic pieces of property in largely Christian areas, helping the movement quietly fortify its geopolitical hegemony…

That this sliver of a country would be a crossroads for all manner of trade owes much to the flourishing of a worldwide diaspora; more Lebanese live abroad than at home. Through criminal elements in these émigré communities, Hezbollah has gained a deepening foothold in the cocaine business, according to an assessment by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime described in a leaked 2009 State Department cable.

Page 4:

But the numbers did not add up. The car lots in the United States, many owned by Lebanese émigrés and one linked to a separate Hezbollah weapons-smuggling scheme, were not moving nearly enough merchandise to account for all that cash, American officials said. What was really going on, they concluded, was that European drug proceeds were being intermingled with the car-sale cash to make it appear legitimate…

In Washington, after a long debate over when to act and what to make public, the administration decided to invoke a rarely used provision of the Patriot Act. Since the bank had been found to be of “primary money-laundering concern,” the Treasury Department could turn it into an international pariah by forbidding American financial institutions to deal with it. President Obama was briefed, and on Feb. 10, Treasury officials pulled the trigger.

Page 5:

At the center of many of these webs were companies trading in diamonds, which experts say are fast replacing more traditional money-laundering vehicles because they are easy to transport and are generally traded for cash. Large transactions leave no paper trail, and values can be altered through bogus transactions. A number of these dealers had been implicated in the buying of “conflict diamonds” and other minerals used to finance civil wars and human-rights abuses in Africa.

In addition to drugs, Iran and Syria both provide Hezbollah with millions. What will millions or billions do for Hezbollah? Buy weaponry to target Israel, and spread jihad far beyond.  Thanks to Ray for the tip.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook