Greg Bucceroni: Ed Rendell Accused of Pedophile Coverup

A Philadelphia man, Greg Bucceroni, has filed another police report naming those who had knowledge of the actions of deviant pedophile “Fast Eddy” Savitz. On that list is former Pennsylvania Governor, Ed Rendell. Bucceroni has said as a teenager, he was a Savitz victim, a Democrat fundraiser, who was later convicted of pedophilia and died in prison of AIDS. The following are the names Bucceroni says he put into a police report in 1980, and again on December 1, 2011 (motivated by the Penn State scandal).

Ed Rendell

The names mentioned in the police & Philadelphia Inquirer news reports associated with Pedophile Ed Savitz who had knowledge of serial pedophile behavior and witnessed the red warning flags at various political and community Democratic Party social events but unfortunately looked the other way in the name of politics.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell
Congressman Bob Brady
Former Philadelphia Mayor Bill Green
Former Philadelphia City Councilman President George Schwartz
Former Pennsylvania Senator Vince Fumo
Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Joe O’Neill
Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Morton Solomon

Bucerroni has been working with Libertarian Republican blogger, Eric Dondero. The details of the above story are here. Follow the links to his earlier interview.

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Photo Credit: Tony Phyrillas (read How the Gingrich Stole Mitt’s Lead)

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