GOP Advises No Personal Attacks on Obama

John McCain would not attack Barack and look what we got – Barack. A Republican pollster, Nicholas Thompson, said in a GOP conference call that “so many people feel sorry for him [Barack],” and he has a high personal approval rate, and advises against attacking him personally. Look at this from Thompson:

No saluting the Flag for Barack Obama

Voters “don’t think he’s an evil man who’s out to change the United States” for the worse–even though many of the same survey respondents agree that his policies have harmed the country, Thompson said. The upshot, Thompson stressed, is that Republicans should “exercise some caution” when talking about the president personally. Source.

I suggest we talk about the things that make Obama a poor President. Let’s talk about the fact that he has never set foot on Israel’s soil, and treated Netanyahu like his personal servant while a guest of the White House. The fact that his administration has refused to enforce U.S. Law – the Defense of Marriage Act, and Immigration. Let’s talk about this President suing an American state, Arizona, a border state drowning in crime by illegal aliens. Let’s ask him if the Rule of Law matters to him. Presidents are sworn to protect the Rule of Law.

Let’s remind voters that if ObamaCare is kept, the first time their employer makes a change to the plan, that employer is outside the rules of ObamaCare, and single-payer provided insurance (Government) becomes your insurer, and there is nothing, you, the employee can do about it. Shove it in his face, over and over and make him respond.

Let’s ask Obama how important Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is to him, today. Make people aware. Help them do a search for Alinsky’s appalling rules. The least we can do is ask.

Let’s excoriate him for bowing to foreign leaders.

Let’s talk about our loans to other countries for their energy programs, while starving ours.

Most importantly, we MUST talk about his abhorrent financial policy. Let’s spend a lot of time proving to voters that the stimulus did not work. We can’t just say it didn’t work, we have to demonstrate with the numbers – over and over and over. Talk about individual parcels sent out to pet projects – name them, and how much taxpayer money was lost.

Let’s talk about the government loan guarantees gone bad, and promise the American people that will never happen again. Candidates should write op-eds and name stimulus recipients who frittered away our money. Make Obama defend it.

Let’s talk about Obama’s power grabs. Detail everything he has allowed the EPA to do. Show the unConstitutionality.

Let’s also question the idea that “so many people” personally or feel sorry for him. We don’t really know that is true. His policies have touched most of America in very uncomfortable ways. This could go on all day. Bottom line, I suggest we point to how inept this President is, and how his personal vision of America is contrary to the U.S. Constitution – and do it in great detail.

Linked at Wyblog – thanks Chris! – find a good round up including something about Wolverines and Obama’s jugular.

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  • Mark Spencer

    This is a really informative post for all those who don’t know about this, thanks for the post, keep up the good work.

  • I think they’re afraid of providing the other side ammo, but I’m with you on this, Maggie

    That’s OK- we’ll handle the personal attack then, lol

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  • The REASON Obama has high personal approval ratings (or much higher than individual issue approvals) is for two reasons.

    First – with 22%% of the population unwilling to give him less than a glowing report no matter what he does, his overall approval is skewed by 4 to 5 points in comparison with previous presidents. African Americans especially are unwilling to say anything negatively because they (wrongly) think that his failure reflects on them.

    Second – it isn’t hard to have a negative personal rating when 45% never HEAR anything negative. Bad job numbers are portrayed as ‘not Obama’s fault (and unemployment decrease is all to his credit). And when conservative media backs off of important stories like his forged birth certificate, Selective Service card, and bogus Social Security number(s) – where do people ever get this information who are not plugged into (or similarly knowledgeable sources like Maggie’s Notebook?)

    The advice to the GOP should be exactly CONTRARY to what is given. They told Chris Christie he would be run out on a rail if he argued with the unions and teachers because he’d be perceived as “mean.” Guess what? He’s actually implemented major reforms and is nearly as strong now as he was at his election in the polls.

    Once we START asking Obama’s for the 56 records he’s never provided, ask him how he could travel to Pakistan as a US Citizen when they weren’t allowed, ask him why he authorized a blatant forgery of his Birth Certificate twice, ask him why he has covered up his Marxist ties of the past and especiallly, demand that he release his college grades, papers and writings when he “hung out with Marxist radicals so he wouldn’t be called a sell-out” (which his own biography states) – I think we can openly call him a Marxist radical, and back it up with evidence of the past 3 years let alone his entire life.