Federal Reserve Audit: Look Who Got the Money 2008-2010

David Lemon found this gem (see more about Lemon below), and as he said, it will either make your blood boil, or run cold. The recent, partial audit of the Federal Reserve confirms the frightening suspicions that we have feared, but had no way to know with certainty. The ‘lending,’ at 0% interest, began in December 2007.

The original source is a post by Silver Bear Cafe – please read it all here.

What was revealed in the audit was startling:

$16,000,000,000,000.00 [$16 Trillion] had been secretly given out to US banks and corporations and foreign banks everywhere from France to Scotland. From the period between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve had secretly bailed out many of the world’s banks, corporations, and governments. The Federal Reserve likes to refer to these secret bailouts as an all-inclusive loan program, but virtually none of the money has been returned and it was loaned out at 0% interest. Why the Federal Reserve had never been public about this or even informed the United States Congress about the $16 trillion dollar bailout is obvious – the American public would have been outraged to find out that the Federal Reserve bailed out foreign banks while Americans were struggling to find jobs.

Citigroup: $2.5 trillion ($2,500,000,000,000)
Morgan Stanley: $2.04 trillion ($2,040,000,000,000)
Merrill Lynch: $1.949 trillion ($1,949,000,000,000)
Bank of America: $1.344 trillion ($1,344,000,000,000)
Barclays PLC (United Kingdom): $868 billion ($868,000,000,000)
Bear Sterns: $853 billion ($853,000,000,000)
Goldman Sachs: $814 billion ($814,000,000,000)
Royal Bank of Scotland (UK): $541 billion ($541,000,000,000)
JP Morgan Chase: $391 billion ($391,000,000,000)
Deutsche Bank (Germany): $354 billion ($354,000,000,000)
UBS (Switzerland): $287 billion ($287,000,000,000)
Credit Suisse (Switzerland): $262 billion ($262,000,000,000)
Lehman Brothers: $183 billion ($183,000,000,000)
Bank of Scotland (United Kingdom): $181 billion ($181,000,000,000)
BNP Paribas (France): $175 billion ($175,000,000,000)
many many more including banks in Belgium of all places

View the 266-page GAO audit of the Federal Reserve(July 21st, 2011) here (see page 131 for the above.

I recently posted 100 reasons to end the Federal Reserve. Read it here.  I guarantee, there is information in that post, about the FR, that most of us did not know. About David Lemon. He is a Master Sculptor and an exceptional newshound. David is on top of everything. View his amazing daily videos as he sculpts here, and see a great article featuring him at Roxy the Traveling Dog’s Blog for Artsy Fartsy Tuesday.

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  • This is a great expose!
    Take note of these companies because these are the people who truly run this country and yes, that includes the Defense Dept!
    I’ve been reading in The Grand Chessboard, written by Zbignew Brzenzski in 1997, and buddy does it lay out what is going on now overseas.
    Then I see that this is all made possible by the printing of money, which dovetails with what I have learned about WW1 and the bankers extensive involvement in that war. Many of the companies in your list or their predecessors I came across in discovering the financial history of the Soviet Union.

  • No wonder this country and this world is failing.. End the Fed.. forever

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  • Aram

    Who are the owners of this companies/banks,do they have something in common,ethnicity,religion et.c.