EPA Fracking War: Tyranny Tuesday Dec 22 – Fracking Groundwater Unsafe? Not Really.

One year ago, on the Tuesday before Christmas 2010, the EPA leveled mind-boggling regulations and we learned that the regime had made a land-grab for millions of oil and gas rich “Wild Lands.” This year, Tyranny Tuesday falls on December 22nd, and just in time, we find that the EPA was before “Fracking” before they were against it. The EPA cleared Fracking “on all levels” before they declared war on it – which began after the The Won’s not-so-immaculate immaculation. Today the EPA says Fracking “may be to blame for causing groundwater pollution.” Since I have to be out-the-door in a few minutes I want to give you information that should help you fight Uncle Benny, the token family lefty as you enjoy your Christmas Goose.

Fracking is a method of “drilling down and then curving the pipe and drilling “over.” A procedure of small explosions occurs in the pipe that has traveled horizontally. Those explosions blow through the top and bottom of the pipe and “fractures” the shale in a “veiny” manner, which releases the oil or natural gas to flow back into the pipe and eventually be brought to the surface. View a fascinating video of how fracking works at NorthernOil.com.

Then read this article at SENTRY JOURNAL which published the EPA report giving Fracking a clean bill of health, an “all-clear,” or a two-thumbs up – however you want to look at it.

Next is a story at The New American on Tyranny Tuesday and the Wild Lands the regime has confiscated or attempting to confiscate:

Needless to say, the implications to the American people would be horrendous if half of our land area was divided up into wilderness reserves and corridors. The treaty initially called for ripping out towns, cities and highways and surrounding most human habitation zones by wilderness.

The similarity of names between the United Nations “Wildlands” and Salazar’s wild lands, cannot be ignored. The heart of the treaty’s plan for the U.S. would be to put vast areas of federal lands into wilderness and interconnecting corridors. This may be exactly what Salazar and Obama are going to do. All of these new regulations are the result of the progressive goal of creating a utopian society living in harmony with Mother Nature.

Regulations of any kind are serious. We must have some regulations, but after nearly a hundred years of increasing strangling regulations by progressives, we are nearing the tipping point of economic collapse. Many believe that is exactly what the globalist progressives want — to create a world government they call global governance that will rise out of the ashes of a world-wide economic collapse. If this is hard to believe, read Global Governance 2025 written by the United States National Intelligence Council for our intelligence agencies and President Obama.13 You will never be the same again.

The only hope is that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives will defund and actually negate some of these regulations under the Administrative Review Act. They have vowed to do so, but most Republicans are neocons, who are more progressive than conservative. The question is, will they bite the bullet and make the hard decisions that are necessary to save America? History would suggest no. It is up to us to put enormous pressure on these Republicans (and some Democrats) to make the hard decisions needed to return freedom and prosperity.

Find my original post on Fracking here.  Thanks to Fox Nation.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Doris Fitch

    The EPA should be renamed Employment prevention agency, that’s the goal, according to the UN Agenda 21, they don’t want capitalism. They want public-private partnership. The whole thing will end up with the US being a part of a one world communist dictatorship. The agenda even calls for international laws, & obama admin is looking to them for gun laws.

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