Ed Rendell Greg Bucceroni: Big Rendell Donor Ed Savitz a Child Predator – Rendell Client X?

The short story is, former Democrat Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is accused of knowing one of his big Democrat donors, Ed Savitz, was a child molestor and, was perhaps in the company of Savitz’ young victims. In a second story, there is open speculation that Rendell is Client X or Client II in the same prostitution ring that downed former New York Governor Eliott Spitzer. Greg Bucceroni, in an interview this morning with Libertarian Republican, is naming names. Please see the latest updates on this story here. 

Greg Bucceroni

Libertarian Republican (LR) has broken both stories about Rendell. You will read that in 1977 (34 years ago) Bucceroni was introduced to Ed Rendell, then the Philadelphia District Attorney, by Ed Savitz, at political functions “on behalf” of  Rendell. Bucceroni says:

…the events were “magnets for wealthy politically connected pedophiles being introduced to unknowing adolescent boys…”

According to Greg Bucceroni, Savitz was eventually convicted of child molestation and died of AIDS in prison.

Local Philadelphia media has refused to listen to Bucceroni’s story. Libertarian Republican has a history of talking about Ed Rendell and so Greg rightly offered an interview. Read it here.

The second story was on LR in July 2009: “Governor X” Sex Scandal Update: It may be “Fast Eddie” Rendell?” The question back then, and speculated on other blogs along with LR, was: is Rendell the mysterious “John,” also named as a Governor, mentioned by Madam Kristin Davis? She made comparisons between the mysterious client and disgraced Eliot Spitzer. Read it at Libertarian Republican.

Bucceroni, a former New Jersey police officer, and currently a “youth crimes” officer, was a victim of Ed Savitz. In the interview he names the Democrat Congressman who introduced him to Ed Savitz, and who is active in Democrat politics today. Please do read both article. The information is dense and only slightly gleaned here.

Whether Rendell is guilty of aiding a pedophile or not, pedophilia is rampant across this country. We need  courageous people like Greg Bucceroni speaking out, assuming his information is valid. The vileness of pedophilia is so deeply destructive. Just think about these children – and a molester with AIDS. Without victims speaking out, it will never stop. If there is any sex education taught in our schools, it should be to warn our children of the horrid dangers of these predators, and to teach that it is never their fault, and never inappropriate for them to get to an authority figure immediately. God bless the children, please. Thank you to Ran at Si Vis Pacem where I found this story – always great headlines at Ran’s place.

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