Donald Trump Chuck Todd: Trump on Birth Certificate and Truth

MSNBC host Chuck Todd was Trumped in this video, showing the subleties of the media, how a lie distorts our perceptions, important or not-so-important, nevertheless lies intended to change your mind. The Obama Birth Certificate comes up.

Donald Trump

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Donald Trump with Chuck Todd (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Trump had it within his power to blow BHO and his multiple birth certificates and social security numbers out of the water. He chose not to.

    The truth is, 4 of Trump’s 5 children,(if they desired to run for POTUS)are ineligible. The only child born as a natural born citizen is his daughter by Marla Maples. Had he told the truth about his own children’s citizenship status at birth, BHO, with his British father, would have had no place to hide.

  • I don’t care what anybody says… I love listening to Trump box these guys ears lol

    • RR, I heard, I think, Krauthammer say tonight that Trump moderating was an insult to the office of the President. I wish I had been paying more attention. Someone else chimed in with the same. I’m insulted that Krauthammer, an elitist and a pure establishment guy, thinks only journalists or talking heads can do the job.

      Any member of any Tea Party could come up with fabulous questions for the candidates.

  • don

    Every word out or Trumps mouth a lie, he did not attend Wharton School of Finance and was not first in class. He graduated with undergrad degree in economics, and just a fair student. He brought up lie about Obama’s birth not being registered in papers or hospital he lies and brags about everything, his show, never near a top ranking, his wealth, all a lie he doesn’t even have close to one billion dollars, the man is a psychopath.

    • don, what documentation do you have that he did not attend and graduate from Wharton. Every bio I see on him, online says he went to Fordham for 2 years and transferred to Wharton where he graduated with a BS in Science.

      He did mention that Obama’s birth was in a newspaper. I heard it when he was talking about it every day. There is no proof of anything being registered at the hospital, other than very odd truth.

  • Ah, Mr. Trump…I always first think…what’s in it for him!

  • I love this self promoting tycoon frying this jerk.. Of course I’ve never seen him before, because like a majority of this country, we don’t watch this channel.. what’s it’s name?… Personaly Trump might just ask some very tough questions at the debate.. but my feeling is.. No More Damn Debates. Or if you have to have them… dump 20 of the candidates and just put the top three on. Ok.. it’s late and I’m a bit whippy at the moment.. good night.. 2 am and it’s 5 degrees outside.. brrrr

  • I agree with Huntsman and Paul on principal for not wanting to attend this debate, but I believe they’re making a huge mistake. The guy is popular and this debate will probably be viewed by more people. Thanks for the clip, Maggie…. the man is so pompous, he tickles me…

  • You all are crazy – Trump is the only one telling the truth. That is what is wrong with this country now – wimps out there arguing with themselves instead of getting behind a real business man – not that freakin’ Muslim Fraud BHO that doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground, give me a break. Ron Paul is a ‘has been’ and blames America for 911 – I’m sick of that crap from that little man. Huntsman hasn’t got a chance in you know where to win.
    Get Real Folks!!! Please! Huntsman & Paul are just “fraidy” cats and would be intimidated by Trump. YOU GO TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT! 2012 He gets my vote.

    BTW don on December what are you talking about??????? “the man is a psychopath.” Are you referring to The Donald? excuse me – you must be referring to yourself, little “d” don – JEA of Trump huh? You should be!
    Bet U R a real winner, more like real loser!

    Maggie good post – it makes Chuck Todd look like the lying fool that he is.
    NBC has gone communist. Pathetic, I never watch it – Trump could buy & sell them out. I watch his show – The Apprentice, nothing else worth watching.