DOJ Wants ‘Overs:’ DOJ Fast Furious Letter Shows Lie – They Want it Back – Like it Never Happened

Can evidence of a crime be “formally” withdrawn? With the power of the U.S. Department of Justice behind him, Attorney General Eric Holder is demanding it be done. The DOJ submitted a letter, earlier this year, to the House and Senate committees investigating Operation Fast and Furious, and how thousands of high-powered weapons were allowed to cross our border into Mexico and perhaps, other foreign countries. U.S. Border Agent Brian Terry was shot dead by one of those weapons. Eric Holder has tried to say he knew nothing about this huge operation. The letter that the DOJ has “formally withdrawn” would make it, theoretically, ‘disappear,’ like it never happened.

I heard Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) say that the letter is all over the internet and has been reprinted by just about every news source. The letter isn’t going away. The Obama regime apparently believes they have the power of magic, but it looks more like the “occult” to me, which never triumphs over good, unless you and I allow it.

Investors Business Daily:

Coincidentally on Friday, Deputy Attorney General James Cole, in another letter to Congress, wrote: “Facts have come to light during the course of this investigation that indicate the Feb. 4 letter contains inaccuracies.” In other words, the Department of Justice lied to Congress.

If you are not familiar with Operation Fast and Furious, many of us feel it was designed to further restrict our Second Amendment rights, by lying to Americans, saying guns are illegally getting into Mexico to drug cartels (…but the DOJ had nothing to do with it), blaming American gun sellers, and then putting tighter controls on them. Many believe it is was all a set-up…all an ugly ruse to blame their fellow countrymen.

More from IBD:

So the Friday letter withdrawing the February letter is itself full of “inaccuracies,” starting with the statement that only recently discovered facts have changed things. Friday’s document dump shows that DOJ knew the letter was deceptive as it was being drafted and that it was a monumental effort to conceal the truth.

I hope you will read the IBD article where you will find compelling information about whistleblower-agent John Dodson:

Dodson stayed behind, against orders, and a week later, when a vehicle showed up to transfer the weapons to their ultimate destination, called for an interdiction team to move in, seize the weapons and arrest the traffickers. Voth refused, and the guns disappeared without surveillance.

Here’s the initial news when Dodson first came forward, after Agent Brian Terry was murdered. Ran at Si Vis Pacem is keeping a running database of the best information on Fast and Furious. It’s right in front of you, every time you log on to his website. Other background – my articles here, or click the Fast and Furious link under my blog banner.

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