Do We Call These Men Men? North Korea Mourns: Christian Missionaries Help Escapees

Does North Korea have no real men? Look at the faces of these mostly younger males, the protectors of their families, or soon to be, the guardians of the very lives of the ones they love, of the children they cause or will cause to be born. I would like to think that the grief displayed is regret that they didn’t step up and send the monster, Kim Il Jong to his grave rather than let him work his evil over the country for decades. I know. I know. North Koreans have no weapons. They have nothing. They would die trying to take down the government and military. I get it. But we do have real men among Christians who have found ways to smuggle thousands out of the country and/or have taken care of those who made it out themselves at great risk to their own lives.

Kim Jong Il Mourners

Searching around the Internet for North Korean coups, I see nothing since 1993. Maybe the faces we see in the video below were marched to the funeral procession at the point of a gun, and under pain of death. There were no tears. It’s beyond creepy.

When I search for North Korean escapees or defectors, the thing I see over and over are Christian missionaries, time after time, helping people out of that dark country. I don’t see Imams. I don’t see Buddhists. I don’t see Rabbis (although I do see many, many Jewish organizations in the North Korea Freedom coalition). Those actively and physically rescuing North Koreans are Christian (my apologies if I’ve missed or misrepresented – I’ll correct and update if so). As an aside, note in the video there are no fat people in North Korean other than the communist leaders.

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Fake (?) Mourners Wail at Kim Jong Il Funeral (video)