Colorado Land Used to Keep Texans, Native Americans Out of Mexico Proposed for Hispanic Heritage Park

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar is proposing 51,000 acres of land in Colorado and New Mexico, once a part of the “Mexican frontier” be named a National Park. You may know the area as the Sangre de Cristo land grants.

Trinchera Ranch Area

…the history of the region, noting the impact of the five large land grants that were issued by the Mexican government to lure settlers to the area and fortify Mexico from Texan encroachment and threats from Native Americans.

If you are one of the the large ranches in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Salazar’s plan will affect your water usage as he has plans for “conservation” there:

The report encourages the use of conservation easements in the region, particularly in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, where three large ranches dominate the landscape.

The largely undeveloped terrain that make up the Trinchera and Cielo Vista ranches in Colorado and the Vermejo Park Ranch in New Mexico, could provide an important wildlife corridor, linking eastern prairies and the high mountain valleys.

About the three ranches: Trinchera Ranch – sold in 2008 by the Forbes to hedge fund manager Louis Bacon; Vermejo Park Ranch is owned by Ted Turner; Cielo Vista Ranch is owned by a corporation directed by Clay E. Morgan (812 Mesa, Inc.) and Stewart Pate (Alta Vista Capital, LLC).  Some areas of some of the ranches have been developed into communities.

Salazar has been pushing more “Latino-themed” national parks for awhile now. He wants parks with a female-theme as well, as less than 3% of all national landmarks are honoring women, Latinos or Blacks. In particular, Salazar wants to promote Cesar Chavez’s legacy.

The most ambitious attempt to date to memorialize Latino history will come with construction of the National Museum of the American Latino, whose planning commission is pushing to build on a site near the U.S. Capitol. The project would cost about $600 million and be financed with a mix of private and federal dollars.

You didn’t miss the bold text above stating that the land grants began as a way for the Mexican government to keep Texans and Native Americans off the land, did you? Will the next step be declaring the entire Southern Border a National Park, available to people from anywhere in the world – all those open borders the United Nations talks about, and including the area in Arizona that Obama has signed with warnings, and told Arizonans to stay out of? Read the entire story here. More about the area here.

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