Cartoon 1934: Plan of Action for US

I found this on Wren Meyers Facebook page, originating on Christopher W. Lawler’s FAN PAGE. History always repeats itself unless Americans are paying attention. How many years have we not been paying attention?

Chicago Tribune Cartoon

And here’s the rest of the story:

Cartoon 1934 in Chicago Tribune

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  • I posted this on H&B around 2009. You know what’s scary? Not just that this plan was so obvious back then, but that people here STILL don’t get it today!!

    • LC Aggie Sith, Exactly! We never learn. If, by now, we have not learned that we must know everything Congress is doing and letting be done to us, we deserve what we get. This is the value of the Tea Party (may it live a long and productive life). We’ve learned how to expose Congress and what they are and are not doing, and citizens can, indeed, use the FOIA and march the halls of Capitol Hill. Never again will we see members of Congress as deserving of their rarified air.

  • i always wonder these oldschool comic-graphics, they are the best way to practice some social criticism:)

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