Candidate Update: What You Might Not Know (Want a Birther Mug)?

I’m finding it harder to keep up with election news. I’ll be glad when the debates are over. Maybe everyone can go home and celebrate Christmas with their families. My son comes in tomorrow from L.A. I’m looking forward to the break. In the meantime, here are a few stories you may have missed, and that I haven’t had time to write about. The Birther Mug takes the top spot.

Obama Mug Shot

1} So, who sits next to you at the office? If it’s an ardent Lefty, protect your email address, and if it isn’t already protected, change it. Obama’s campaign website is encouraging supporters to donate to the campaign in a Republican’s name:

Who inspires you to give? (read it – birther mugs are available for gifting)

This holiday season, we’re giving you a chance to have a little fun at the expense of a Republican in your life by letting them know they inspired you to make a donation to the Obama campaign.

Simply enter their name and email address below. Then, we’ll send them a message letting them know they inspired you to donate.

2} How do you feel about religious freedom? Okay. I know how you feel. We should have it, and we should have it worldwide, right? What about a ‘religious freedom’ pledge signed by our presidential candidates. Someone signed it. Others did not. 

3} Remember the monstrous credit line Gingrich has at Tiffanys? The incredibly “wealthy-all-throughout-his-life-time, thanks to Dad,” Mitt Romney, is zinging “zany Newt” (not so wealthy until he became “Newt”) for having the stuff (some degree of wealth) that gets you a monstrous credit line at Tiffanys.   The Gingrich’s carried a balance, but there was no indication they were dodging the payments, or late with payments, or that a credit bureau was after them. Nevertheless, the story was seen as hot, and Republicans Mitt Romney, defender of American entrepreneurial ventures and ‘the American Way,’ is stoking the fire.

Why would we know about Newt’s credit line? Well, we know because Newt and Calista Gingrich were required to file an ‘ethics disclosure,’ and the credit line was listedAdmit it. If you could have a monstrous credit line at Tiffanys, you would.

4} When Gingrich said Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget was “Right Wing Social Engineering,” was the Newtster doing the dirty work of the RNC?

5} Rick Perry is on the bus, burning up the campaign trail in Iowa. Bet this is something you did not know about the Texas Governor (evidence of a Perry comeback?):

Rick Perry has a reputation as a campaigner in Texas: He’s dangerous, but even more dangerous when he’s down.

6} My first presidential pick, Rick Santorum, likes beer. He doesn’t do wine tastings, but he does do beer tastings. People seem to think Santorum has no charisma, no personality, and I get the impression you aren’t listening, because…well, he has no personality. Of you are that person, I think you’re wrong. If you are Conservative, and you aren’t listening, give Rick a chance. You probably believe everything, or almost everything, Santorum says.

7} Michele Bachmann showed the grace and integrity that we always see from her, when a mother who happens to be a Lesbian, put her 8-year-old boy up to passing on a message to “Miss Bachmann.” See the first video below.

In the second video below, Bachmann is asked a question by a gay Iowa high school student. The Congresswoman was brilliant, composed and kind – her titanium spine on full display. Bachmann and Santorum are the real deal.

8} So does Jon Huntsman agree with the climate change agenda? You heard him say we need better explanations from the “scientific community,” right? Did you hear what he said next?

9} Since Barack Obama will also be a candidate, an update totally worthy of his job performance is his call for to Iran to please, please, please give our drone back. You can’t make this stuff up.


Michele Bachmann and the Lesbian Mommy who Doesn’t Need Fixing (video)

Michele Bachmann at Iowa Townhall

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  • You know that video of the child saying his mommy doesn’t need any fixing.. OMG is that child brain washed..? never mind his mommy just used him to try to embrace Mrs. Bachmann.. Disgusting. But the left has used children this young to influence voters for years.. remember the little girl with the flower commercial and the nuke going off.. It worked to keep Barry Goldwater from winning the Presidency.. Met Mr. Goldwater at one of my art shows.. he spoke there and man we missed.. not getting him as our President.
    Her grilling by both the students on something that would have been a gotcha question and don’t think that wasn’t the intent on their part.. they may be teenagers, but they know exactly what they’re doing… I think she handled it correctly.. It’s the law.. Well done.

    • David, I believe even 8-year-olds know that their household set-up is odd. I’m sure he loves his mom and his mom, but, what this mother did is another example of how children are put in positions to become targets all their lives.

      Yes, Bachmann was spot-on in both videos.

  • From a Christian viewpoint, it seems Bachmann gave the right answer. From a Constitutional viewpoint, she didn’t. When the “law” allows slavery – the “rights” are not right. Given her logic, if it became law for the acceptance of polygamy, bestiality or homosexual marriage – she when then be ok with it?

    She did brilliantly on the faith issue and should have used the same general approach. A better answer might have been,

    “The Founders of the Constitution believed that our form of government would only work for a moral people. The question is what is moral. It might be moral to one person to marry 10 wives or donkeys – while another would believe it only to be someone of the opposite sex. As we know, a majority of people at one time allowed slavery even though the constitution clearly said that all men are created equal.” The truth is that every society that has departed from Judeo/Christian understanding of morality has eventually fallen apart. Jefferson, Adams and Monroe took the Bible as God’s truth and fashioned our Constitution in part from it. It made America the greatest, most free nation in the world. And their understanding was that God instituted marriage between a single man and a single woman. While there was great debate about slavery at the ratification of the Constitution, there was no similar argument that homosexuality itself was a sin. In fact, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln both dealt severely with homosexuality in the military.

    “My personal belief is that homosexuality is wrong, but no more wrong than adultery, lying or any other sin. We don’t let government make something ok that is not, but we don’t deprive them of any OTHER right either.”

    The writer however says Bachmann is the “real deal” I was holding out hope that she would assert herself as a serious candidate (with or without the polling) and feel the latest blunder is just too much for me. I personally am done with her precisely because she has slandered and falsely accused other candidates.

    • On your first paragraph PolitiJim. I’m no lawyer by any means.. There is no law allowing two people of the same sex to marry. That’s a fact. Some states may pass that law, but that’s up to that state’s people and it’s only legal in that state. Michele was correct though and that’s the only argument against it, without bringing the church into it. As long as it’s a law that a man and a woman may bind together in holy matrimony, that’s the law till it’s changed.. Hopefully I’ll be long gone when that happens.. God help us..
      Your argument is a what if and Bachmann was dealing with a what is.