Cain on Hannity: Expects More Accusations, Hints at Radio TV Ahead

Herman Cain was on with Sean Hannity last night, confirming that he made the decision to drop out of the presidential race, his wife, Gloria, did not demand it. He also confirmed that he would stay on the issues, that both radio and TV were open to him, and he believes the Left or the Right will continue to bring new accusations forward: “We also knew that because somebody was so determined  to knock me out of this race, that there were probably going to be some more down the road.”

Herman Cain

“The doors to radio or tv, those doors are open,” Cain said. “I’m considering all of these options because I want to create the biggest platform for me to be talking about the trifecta: replacing the tax code with 9-9-9; energy independence; and national security, because this administration has weakened our military, and that’s not good for this country.” Source: Fox News

Listen to Sean ask, again, why Cain isn’t demanding: “show me the airline tickets” to quell Ginger White’s claim. Cain alludes that his attorney is working on something and he can’t talk about it.

If the video does not play, or disappears, view it here.

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Herman Cain – Sean Hannity on Cain’s Future (video)

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