Beagle Freedom Project: Look at These Precious Beagles

The dogs in the video were released from a laboratory in Spain. They have reportedly never touched grass or been outside of their metal cages. The dogs arrived in Los Angeles through the Eagle Freedom Project.  We always had Beagles when I was growing up. Sweet, sweet animals. Thanks to Joe Wilemon on Facebook. Read more here.

Beagle Freedom Project

Beagle Freedom Project – Beagles Finally Free (video)

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I really don’t know if I should say this or not but I just can’t help being honest about how people treat others and animals! There are some people that I just despise! There is no excuse for human beings to be so disgusting, so cruel! When it comes to the elderly, children and animals….I get really ticked in how terrible some treat them!

    • No reason not to say it here Fran. You have to be souless to be a Michael Vick. I understand that for the better good of human life, some animals have to be in labs, but tell me why you would continue to make their lives a hell by NEVER letting them out of their cage, and NEVER giving them access to a park.

    • Ran

      When it comes to the elderly, children and animals…” Pardon me if my taking offense to such a statement itself offends.

      Humans are humans and animals are animals. There is nothing morally redeeming or even intellectually useful in elevating animals to the status of Human. Nor is there anything so demeaning to kids’ n’Grandpa as to lump them in with critters.

      Cruelty and sadism are themselves wrong, fine, I get that. The elderly and children are not animals and animals are not people. We have responsibility for the helpless, the weak, and the innocent amongst us. We have dominion over animals. There is a vast moral gulf between them. Just clarifying.

      • I understand what you are saying Ran. Animals are not the same as humans, but I sometimes suspect those capable of great cruelty to animals of not being human in the same way we are.

        No confusing the fact that animals are not humans.

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  • How heartbreaking, and yet uplifting to know people do care 🙂

  • Ran

    Mark Levin should hear about this. Good post.

    We have two beagles in the neighborhood. Annoys my kids no end when I pretend to wish them harm… “Hey? Got a pound or two of chocolate to spare?” “DAD!!” In reality it is impossible not to be kind and happy around the critters.

    Cheers Maggie!

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