Barack Obama: Lazy, Soft, Arrogant, Dismissive, Divisive, UnPerfected, Tragic History, Failure to Appreciate Europe Americans

Take everything in my title, and add this paragraph. Barack Obama says all of it in the video below.  “Lazy,” “Soft,” Arrogant,” Dismissive,” Devisive,” ‘UnPerfected,” “Tragic History,” and a “Failure to Appreciate Europe.” He also said America has “failed to keep the promise of Liberty,…but perhaps we “could, potentially, create a society that is the model for the world – it isn’t right now.” You’ll hear Michelle say we continually hold onto our “ignorance,” and we “justify” that ignorance.  Bloggers, let’s make this go viral and use it over and over and over between now and election day. (Thanks to James for the inspiration to irritate you.)

Lazy, Soft, Arrogant, Devisive, UnPerfected Americans

Obama’s Indictment of America (video)

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