Barack Obama John Drew: Obama Missing Link – Obama Ardent Marxist Leninist

John Drew is reportedly an Occidental College friend of Barack Obama. Writer Paul Kengor is quoting Drew as saying he was a part of Obama’s inner and, Obama was a “ardent” Marxist-Leninist then, and Drew believes he is the same now.

Barack Obama

New American:

In fact, Drew states that while he was a more nuanced Marxist who tried to convince Obama that old-style communist revolution was unrealistic in the West, the future President would have none of it and considered Drew a “reactionary.”

Writer Selwyn Duke summarizes:

Unfortunately, for some people, this still isn’t enough to see a red flag and menace with regard to Barack Obama. Yet it doesn’t take a behavioral scientist from the FBI to draw proper conclusions from his profile. We have in the President a man who:

1. Had communist Frank Marshall Davis as childhood mentor.

2. Was a flat-out Marxist-Leninist in college.

3. Has no known history of renouncing these views.

4. Later in life built an alliance with a “small c” communist and other assorted radicals.

5. Upon achieving high office, appointed avowed communists to his administration.

Given this profile, what is the radical position? That the man is a communist or at least a communist sympathizer? Or that he is just your everyday moderate politician?

I’ll add that his much adored father was an ardent communist, wanted all land in Kenya confiscated from all non-Kenyans and given back to the Kenyan people. Click the link above to read whole story at The New American.

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