Barack Obama Jack Rosen Fundraiser: Pats Self on Back – Stabs Israel in The Heart: What the Heck is Wrong With These People?

You probably heard today that Obama attended a fundraiser put together by Jewish Democrat supporter, Jack Rosen, in New York City and said for God and the whole world to hear, and then Rosen uttered the impossible.

Jack Rosen

“I try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this administration has done more for the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration,” Obama said. “We don’t compromise when it comes to Israel’s security … and that will continue.”

T’would be laughable if it wasn’t so heinous.

Yid sets the record straight. When you read this list of egregious behavior from a U.S. President, you have to assume BO is patting himself on the back for stabbing Israel in the heart.

Rosen added, however, that “America has never been as supportive of the state of Israel as President Obama and his administration.”

Rosen is Chairman of the American Jewish Congress. He has deep ties to Democrat White Houses going way back, yet I see quotes from him that are very supportive of Israel. What is he thinking? Why would he put up with this just because he has always been a Democrat?

I cannot remember Obama visiting Israel since his inauguration. This list, if correct, confirms it. The man has never set foot on Israeli soil. When are we going to admit what we know: visiting Israel would be tantamount to apostasy in the Muslim world.

Because of the Rosen quotes I’ve read, I’m confused, but if this is an example of how he really feels, it’s nothing less than the incredibly pompous and overbearing progressive superiority that encourages anti-Semites across the globe. What the hell’s wrong with America’s Jewish community?

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  • Obama’s first act towards Israel was to stop selling them weapons. Now that is real support. I think he hates Israel almost as much as he hates America. Almost.

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  • Zimbi

    Most American Jews Have a stronger self identity as Deocrats than being Jewish. Leftist politics trumps heritage abd religion for secular Jews, shallow attachmen is the problem.

    • Zimbi, I’m constantly talking to my Jewish friends about America Jews and their odd support of Israel. I’m always told that they’ve “always been Democrat, and always will be.” How insane is that with Hamas and Hamas in Lebanon (now) shooting rockets into that sovereign country, they support a position that does not demand the Hamas be will to accept Israel’s existance? It makes no sense. Their “stronger self-identity” must be to ignore that it is wrong to kill Jews, whether secular or non-secular.

      Thanks for reading and adding to the conversation. I appreciate it.