Aziz ‘Bob’ Yazdanpanah is Murdering Santa: Iranian-American Aziz Yazdanpanah Kills Daugher Nona Yazdapanah, Wife Fatemah Rahmadi, Son Ali Yazdanpanah

Information is just out identifying the suicide shooter of 6 family members in Grapevine, Texas as Aziz ‘Bob’ Yazdanpanah. The Christmas morning murderer drove to his estranged wife’s apartment, and was wearing a Santa suit when he exited his Toyota 4-Runner, according to a neighbor. It is believed he was related by blood or marriage to the dead.  Yazdanpanah had separated from his wife Fatemeh Rahmadi, or she left him, a few months ago. Mrs. Yazdanpanah was seeking a divorce. She lived with her 19-year-old daughter Nona (Nargis), and 15-year-old son, Ali, mother daughter and son are among the dead. Aziz Yazdanpanah is described as middle-aged and an Iranian-American real estate agent. He lived in Colleyville in the family’s former home, and was having financial problems. See and UPDATE 12-27-11 here.

UPDATE 12-29-11: Police have now said that it was Aziz ‘Bob’ Yazdanpanah who called 911 before killing himself. Fox reported this morning that there is no evidence at this time, that the killings were motivated by an honor killing, even though a friend has said the murderer was upset about his daughter’s infidel boyfriend. Hear audio of the 911 call where it is believed Yazdanpanah said “I’m killing people” or “I’m shooting people.” Another Fox report said the killer opened fire with both handguns at the same time, but killed his wife, Fatemeh, with a single shot to the head.

Nona Narges Yazdanpanah

The family reportedly opened Christmas presents and were cleaning up the wrappings, when Yazdanpanah opened fire and then killed himself. Besides Yazdanpanah, his wife, daughter, and son, three others are dead, including  Nazarene Yazdanpanah, according to this report. Early reports said a 911 service received a call from inside the home but no one appeared to be on the other end of the line.

So far, financial problems appear to be the motive – not an honor killing. The photo above is believed to be Aziz Yazdanpanah and is courtesy of where you can view a video news report on the family.
Photo of Nona Yazdanpanah via Facebook. See a two Facebook memorial pages for Nona here and here.
  • Khoda rahmat kond

    This murder-suicide cannot be any farthest from Honor killing that some suggest. The problem has been brewing for longer than it appears to be. Sure the family may have been financially distressed but the underlying reason is the worthless feeling that Aziz Y. had about himself. He certainly did not kill her family and close relatives because of honor killing, but out of pure ego and revenge.

    He was not invited to the party and felt alone and lost. His world had come to an end suddenly and had no way out of it but to kill his entire family and himself.

    • Khoda, I just posted a follow-up story. I’ll never understand a person feeling worthless killing those he loved and who loved him. Surely killing himself only would be the way end his negative feelings. “Pure ego and revenge” could be the case, but he certainly did have other ways out.

      The news is reporting that he was definitely invited to the Christmas morning festivities. Perhaps that report is wrong. Thanks for your input. It sounds as thought you knew the family.

      • Ava

        Really I can’t believe it ,so I Know him and he was a very very kind man and he loves his family so much and i have shocked after i saw and heard it ,I can’t believe.
        I’m sure it’s an accident and maybe someone else do this and made the scene by this way that aziz was a murder as,last summer when he wanted to traveled to Tehran ,a known person poisoned him in airport and also Stole all of his proof and his money.I really request of Police that kindly chase this accident so carefully and seriously.
        Regarding to Aziz character so kind ,so respectable,so honest,so polite and so on time really a very nice man ,again I say i can’t beleive that Aziz did it.

        • laurent

          How dare you post something like this about someone who massacred 6 people? You make me vomit.

        • Ava, it seems many people cannot believe he could do this, but there are guns on the scene and there will be fingerprints, etc. As of last night, the police still had not officially named him the murderer (I think) but it is clear they believe he did this.

          • Ava

            Really thank you so much for your reply .
            I’m shocking and I can’t control myself and when i think more than before i ‘m really confused and you don’t know his character he was a very good man ,so kind ,so honourable ,How can he did it?howwwwwwwwwwwww
            Just i think someone else killed him and his family I ask of Honorouble police that follow and chase this accident as usual.
            Very kind of you.

        • Risky theme. I think you’ve hurt someone’s feelings and what’s for me – I dont like it either.

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