America’s Christmas Morning Honor Killing: Infidel Boyfriend Unacceptable – Aziz Yazdanpanah Loved His Children to Death

If Aziz ‘Bob’ Yazdanpanah is officially concluded to have been the murderer of his family in Grapevine, Texas on Christmas morning, it seems America has had another honor killing. The original story was that of a loving Iranian-American father with financial problems. Nona’s friend, Lacie Reed, is telling of a daughter who said her father was “crazy,” a daughter who was often in tears over her dad. Other unnamed friends say Nona lived in a home with cameras installed everywhere by her father, who once had her bedroom window nailed shut; a dad who did not like her infidel boyfriend. If I had to guess at the number of bloggers who first reported this story, and knew with some degree of certainty that we probably had another Muslim-Dad-Kills-Daughter story, I’d guess it was quite a few of us. What gave me hope that this was not an honor-killing was that the son was murdered as well. Muslim men don’t often kill their boys.

UPDATE 12-29-11: Police have now said that it was Aziz ‘Bob’ Yazdanpanah who called 911 before killing himself. Fox reported this morning that there is no evidence at this time, that the killings were motivated by an honor killing, even though a friend has said the murderer was upset about his daughter’s infidel boyfriend. Hear audio of the 911 call where it is believed Yazdanpanah said “I’m killing people” or “I’m shooting people.” Another Fox report said the killer opened fire with both handguns at the same time, but killed his wife, Fatemeh, with a single shot to the head.

Nona Narges Yazdanpanah

“She would come to school crying and telling us her dad was crazy,” said Lacie Reed, 18.

A female friend of “Bob” Yazdanpanah says she received a text message from him on December 4th, a few months after his wife took the children and moved out. She said he was a “sweet man” and a “joker.” She said the text was weird and she didn’t respond (Star-Telegram):

The message, the friend said, went like this: “What do u call a guy who’s born in Austin and grows up in Dallas and then dies in Grapevine? ……… DEAD.”

Was this man first described as Iranian-American born in Texas? Also from the Star-Telegram:

Police recovered two handguns in the apartment, a 9 mm and a 40-caliber, at least one of which Yazdanpanah had owned for years. One of the weapons was found next to the shooter, and the other next to a victim.The 40-caliber can hold 10 rounds and the other 15, police said. There was one round in each weapon and police said both weapons were used in the shooting. But police declined to say how many rounds were fired.Some victims were shot multiple times, others were hit by gunfire from both weapons, police said Tuesday.

According to the video below, Aziz Yazdanpanah murdered his family shortly after arriving, dressed in a full Santa suit, with two handguns. He reportedly had a “history” with police. He reportedly believed the infidel boyfriend was a stalker, but he didn’t kill the boyfriend.

Today the members of the dead have all been released: Along with ‘Bob’s’ estranged wife, Fatemeh Rahmati, daughter Nona, 15-year-old son Ali, Fatemeh’s sister Zohreh Rahmaty, her husband Hossein Zarei and their daughter Sahra Zarei, 22. That’s a total of 7 dead because of the obscene Muslim tradition of killing female relatives when they disobey.

It will be a very good thing if we learn concretely that this was not an honor killing, but it will take more than the main stream media down-playing it as only Christmas depression.

In the video there is information about the 911 call. There was the sound of heavy breathing and a faint cry for help, then silence. Read the entire story at Bare Naked Islam and Jihad Watch. Read my original report here.

UPDATE 12-29-11 10:pm CDT: I see a lot of exit links to Bare Naked Islam (BNI) in the above paragraph. CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations) has succeeded in convincing to take the site down. It BNI dares to tell the truth about the Islamic agenda. So much for free speech. Read that story here. You can see BNI cached at Yahoo here (thanks to Ironic Surrealism).

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Honor-Killing on Christmas Morning: Yazdanpanah Family Dies (video)

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