Solyndra: GOP Supoenaes White House Documents: Obama Banner Sold in Auction

Yesterday I read that the Department of Energy (DOE) is investigating themselves and the irresponsible, egregious and enormous loans made by the DOE to green companies.  Today, the U.S. House Republicans have voted to subpoena all White House documents pertaining to the now-bankrupt Solyndra Solar which received $535 MILLION in taxpayer funding. The story of Solyndra is partisan and corrupt. In the meantime, auctions are underway for a piece of Solyndra. “Scott Logsdon paid $400 for the 30-foot banner” that The Won stood before when he graced Solyndra with a speech.” So that’s $400 in George Kaiser’s coffers. Logsdon said “that’s a piece of Americana right there.” Good grief, tell me that is not true!

Obama at Solyndra

About the investigations, the White House is investigating. The U.S. Treasury is investigating and now the DOE is investigating themselves (sorry, I cannot find that article from yesterday). So many chickens in the hen house for the foxes to feast upon. Especially when you can make chickens (documents – evidence) disappear. UPDATE: 11:20 pm CDT: Fox News has just said that even Obama’s Blackberry will be subpoeaned.

For background, here are a few articles:

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  • His Blackberry? That’s just icing on the cake, now!!

    He reaps what he sows.

  • So we are not in Kansas any more folks. We are “In The Know” and what we don’t know is soon to be revealed. Obama’s chickens have come home to roost, couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow, as they say! hahahahaha cluck cluck cluck
    Obama and his crook cronies are really into ponzi schemes. DIDN’T ANYONE TELL THEM CRIME DOESN’T PAY AND THAT PAYBACK IS A BITCH. Good enough!!!!