Saturday Night Live Pop Culture: Why it Matters to Republicans

I’m guilty of totally ignoring Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, Letterman Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel – you name it. If it’s Left (other than networks and cable news) I ignore it. Kevin at Hillbuzz points out why this is a big mistake.

Here’s a truth we must start dealing with: (Hillbuzz – snippets – paragraphing out of order):

SNL depicts Romneycare as the “inevitable” nominee, and the sole non-eccentric on the stage. This is deliberate, because the Left wants Romneycare to run against Barack Obama so that Obamacare is off the table in the general election. Too many Democrat Senators and Congressmen would lose if the 2012 elections were a nationwide referendum on Obamacare. Hence, the Left’s zeal to push Mittens as the nominee. Shows like SNL will not attack Mittens in the primaries…and are saving their Alinsky fire for him in the general election matchup they covet…

Clearly, the Leftist agents at SNL are setting Willard Mittens Romneycare up as the “respectable and competent” Republican nominee…because they want Romneycare to win the nomination and are deliberately doing this.

I have yet to see anyone successfully undo a caricature that SNL crafts about them. Even Governor Sarah Palin is still detrimentally affected by Tina Fey’s portrayal of her in SNL skits…as much as I would love for things to be as they “ought to be” and not have anyone remember those.

What do we do about the pop culture that our young people are so deeply immersed in, whether they want to be or not? A simple stop at a sports bar becomes a political lesson.  Read it at HillBuzz – it’s worth a read and more than a thought.

The biggest scandal of our time is the current housing and mortgage meltdown, and how it has been reported in the press. Bill Clinton, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are responsible for the legislation that made it possible. Barney Frank is responsible for the defense of the indefensible measures that continued the program that has caused the greatest measure of our financial woes.

How often have you seen Leno, Letterman, Kimmel, or Maher go after Congressman Barney Frank with anything of substance other than his lisp? How many of our young adults know a single thing about Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) or Barney Frank sleeping with Herb Moses, an assistant director at Fannie Mae – at the same time he was voting on Fannie Mae initiatives? Frank and Moses were known as “Washington’s most prominent and influential homosexual couple,” for 11 years. Source. Why don’t our children hear about this on Letterman?

In 1991, Fannie Mae hired Herb Moses who was already Frank’s partner. Barney Frank was already a member of the House Financial Services Committees “which had oversight of “all components of the nation’s housing financial services sectors.” He was chairman of the Committee from 2007 – 2011. Flagrant cronyism that lined the pockets of Barney Frank (and continues today) that is never reported in an significant way by the main stream media, is never talked-up on late night comedy, and certainly no shame is attached to the extreme cheekiness of such Congressional power.

But weigh Rick Perry forgetting the Department of Energy for a few seconds in a debate, against Barney Frank quipping over and over that Fannie Mae was financially sound, and saying this to the Institute of International Bankers in 2005:

Walking up from the lower-level conference room where he had addressed the Institute of International Bankers, Frank was asked whether he had considered the possible downsides to the homeownership drive.

Was he afraid, for instance, that easy lending programs could wind up luring many of his constituents into homes they could not ultimately afford?

Was he concerned that, after the groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies were forgotten, the same people he had put into homes would be knocking on his door, complaining of being trapped in properties and facing financial ruin?

Frank brushed off the questioner. “We’ll deal with that problem if it happens,” he barked.

He hasn’t dealt with it, and neither has, or will, late-night.

Weigh it against Michele Bachmann uttering Iowan John Wayne’s name in connection to an Iowa city connected to John Wayne Gacy, and she’s considered a retard.

We have decades of examples, “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it (Pelosi on ObamaCare), no need to go on. I know…I’m rambling.

The question is, what can we do about it? Do we accept that once the late night joke fest of humiliating exaggerations or untruths begin for one of our candidates, or one of our programs, we abandon them? Do we accept defeat because ‘they’ say we’re a joke? If you are a parent with a child soon to be in college, think about what you can do. I don’t know what to do about it, other than to blog it.

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  • The first step toward taking back power is to acknowledge what is going on. SNL mercilessly beat Palin about the head and shoulders 3 years ago and my college girl said she’d die before voting for McCain, because he was old and Palin was next in line.

    I was horrified, of course. I don’t know how to fix the problem. The best conservative comedy I have been able to find is the twice-weekly Newsbusters News Busted segment by Jodi. Ideally, we need to take back a portion of pop culture. How to do that in less than a year is anybody’s guess. SNL has decades on us.

    • Opus, New Busted is a great idea! Something like that (or that) could be easily done since it’s done already. They would have to find advertisers (bet that would be a problem.) We need something out there like that.

  • Maggie, you can watch Saturday Night Live, including past episodes at for free. Here’s the link:

    I agree that they are left wing and I don’t like it. I agree with the point of your article, however,that we need to keep abreast of liberal initiatives through pop culture.

    • Stogie, thanks for the link. Maybe I should be pointing out their absurdity from time to time. I’m looking for a video today of Huckabee last night in Branson with Tony Orlando’s salute to the troops. The Black man that parodies Obama was on and while I wasn’t paying full attention but it looked really good. The crowd was loving it.

      When I began this post with the HillBuzz quote, I had no thoughts of the CRA and Barney Frank, but many thoughts that our kids don’t know anything! It took on a life of it’s own:-)

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