Rule 5 Saturday Night: Top 10 Hottest Blondes

…because all politics all the time is no fun. The theory is, everyone loves a pretty girl (or beautiful woman), so it’s time for a Saturday break. NYBlondes released their list of the 100 Hottest Blondes. The following are the NY Blondes Top 10. I’m not sure how Beyonce got on a list of blondes, but when she is blonde, she looks great.  Vote for your pick for No. 1 of the 10 below.

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My apologies, the poll isn’t working. Sigh!

Of these 10 Hottest Blondes, who would you pick for No. 1?
Carrie Underwood
Charlize Theron
Brooklyn Decker
Heidi Klum
Paris Hilton
Cameron Diaz
Blake Lively
Gwyneth Paltrow
Reese Witherspoon free polls 

No. 1 Hottest Blonde Carrie Underwood

No. 2 Hottest Blonde Charlize Theron

No. 3 Hottest Blonde Brooklyn Decker

No. 4 Hottest Blonde Heidi Klum

No. 5 Hottest Blonde Paris Hilton

No. 6 Hottest Blonde Cameron Diaz

No. 7 Hottest Blonde Blake Lively

No. 8 Hottest Blonde Beyonce

No. 9 Hottest Blonde Gwyneth Paltrow


No. 10 Hottest Blonde Reese Witherspoon

Don’t know what a Rule 5 is? Read it here, and specifically, you want to know how to get a million hits on your blog, don’t ya?

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