Ray Gricar: Missing Prosecutor Gricar Connection to Jerry Sandusky? Gricar and Sandusky Victim’s Mother

I remember when Ray Gricar went missing, because his red Mini-Cooper was found without him. I’ve always loved the Mini-Cooper (never owned one) and they don’t often make the news. The Pennsylvania District Attorney called his girlfriend, said he was leaving the office and was on his way home (Bellefonte, Pennsylvania). He hasn’t been seen since. Gricar was the DA for Centre County, the home of the Penn State campus. He  investigated at least one of the sexual predator claims against Sandusky from a Mother on behalf of her son. The Mother confronted Sandusky twice and University detectives listened-in on one of the conversations. They heard the Mother ask Sandusky to never shower with a boy again, so they knew. Sandusky refused to promise.  In the end, Gricar’s 1998 written report after a six-week investigation, said the claims were “unfounded.”  He did not prosecute.

Ray Gricar and his Mini-Cooper

It is unknown whether Gricar’s investigation had more information than the one Mother. Her son was not raped, but Sandusky entered the shower with him and there was definitely inappropriate behavior. When she asked Sandusky if his “private parts” touched her son’s “private parts,” he said “I don’t know…maybe.” It was to this Mother that Sandusky said “I wish I was dead.” He was very much alive, and went on to rape and commit deviant acts on boys for years after, according to the Grand Jury Report.

This Fox Philly article says “new allegations” surfaced “three years before he disappeared.” Did Gricar know about those cases?

Gricar disappeared in 2005. His cell phone was found inside his car. His wallet, keys and laptop were missing. Three months later his laptop was found in a river without the hard drive. Two months after, the destroyed hard drive was found on the river bank. Two years after his disappearance, police revealed that Gricar had used his home computer to search “how to wreck a hard drive,” “how to fry a hard drive,” and “water damage to a notebook computer.”

Interesting from the Philadelphia Daily News, May 13, 2005:

No one knows if Gricar has intentionally gone missing, committed suicide, was kidnapped or even murdered. In fact, amateur sleuths – and there seem to be about as many in this north-central Pennsylvania valley as there are Penn State football fans – can find circumstantial evidence for each possibility.

What about the witness who talked with a man who matched Gricar’s description and who spoke of the D.A.’s beloved Cleveland Indians, some 120 miles away in Wilkes-Barre, two days after his car was found?

Did Gricar intentionally throw himself in the river and commit suicide, just as his own brother had done nine years earlier?

Or were some members of the big-city drug ring that Gricar had helped bust just two weeks earlier hell-bent on revenge?

And what of the fresh flowers that were found in an orange-juice container near the riverbank where his car was found – a detail so strange that it reminds some locals of the 1967 suicide-mystery “Ode to Billy Joe.”

Reaganite Republican:

The tough Gricar had just busted a major heroin ring, and was at the crest of his career- why on Earth would he be afraid to go after a child molester?

Recall a few years back, where they busted that Belgian child-sex ring… one that not only swapped playthings amongst themselves –often their own children– but enforced the security of the operation with violent, mafia-style manipulation and even vengeance killings?

UPDATE 11-11-11: Just heard Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News say that cigarettes were found in Gricar’s ashtray when his car was located. Gircar was “intolerant” of cigarettes.

Gricar was declared legally dead in July 2011. But is he dead? Did he disappear purposefully because of something to do with Jerry Sandusky or other cases he was involved in? Or was he murdered because of something to do with Sandusky. Or was he murdered by gangs? Or did wayward Amish youth disappear him?

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  • This whole situation involving Gricar’s disappearance smells fishy. Very mysterious at the least.

    • Hi Teresa, at the least, there are strange coincidences. What I really find odd is that Gricar knew what was said in the two interviews with Sandusky. He knew that Sandusky was in the shower with her son, and when she asked him to never do that again with any boy, Sandusky refused. If that doesn’t call for a much bigger investigation, I don’t know what does.

      But you know, his brother committed suicide by drowning. Maybe Gricar just wanted to end it all.

    • JD

      The more I’ve read about this case the most plausible scenario to me seems that he was confronted, after possible set-up with a woman, and somehow abducted and probably murdered. I don’t think his involvement with Sandusky has anything to do with his disapperance but rather the drug trial he was prosecuting. Did he know this “mystery woman” beforehand or did he meet her the day/days before he went missing? Perhaps she was hired by unscrupulous people to lure him and then he was acosted at night when nobody was around in the parking lot area? Just my opinion but I feel strongly this is what happened.

  • jo

    I know in my heart of hearts there’s a connection here!

    • ct

      His girlfriend did work in his office and live with him. Was she the link to the Sandusky’s? The personal computor was in her home too. Did she want to know how to distroy a hard drive and throw out the lap top and remove the hard drive and throw it out later after he disappeared. Also she said she had left him a glass of orange juice and a note before she went to work, knowing he was not coming to work that day. She later answered a call from him so she knew which route he was taking on his drive. Route 192. Flowers in an empty orange juice can found beside the river!!!! One would think she knows more about his diasappearance and the Sandusky case than she has testified to. It would be nice if the grand jury would at lease question she and mrs sandusky.

  • If I engineered my own disappearance, Wilkes-Barre is the last place on earth I’d go to hide… Sheesh.

  • susan

    Were the cigarette butts found in his ashtray ever tested for DNA?

    Did his live-in girlfriend or another friend smoke? (Not at all implicating her or a friends, just asking if someone may have been w/him in the car a day or so earlier & perhaps he allowed them to smoke despite his “intolerance” of cigarettes.)

    I’m sure this rather elementary detail has been handled, just kinda curious because sometimes someone’s dna is not in the databases when a crime sample is first taken but years later the perp gets “caught up” in another matter & his dna enters the system & BINGO a cold case is solved. (Just happened in St.Paul w/ a 2007 13yo girl’s rape cold case, the perp was 15 when he committed the 2007 rape, at 20 he raped his 18yo ex-girlfriend, his DNA from the ex-gf’s rape matched the 2007 cold case .)

    • ct

      Did Mrs Sandusky smoke?

  • there seems to bo alot of evadence in his dissapearence

  • sure is alot of strange evidence in the missing prosacuters case.

  • ct

    It could be an inside the D A’s office coverup for sandusky.

  • case follower

    1. no cigarette butts were found in Mr. Gricar’s vehicle. A few ashes were found on the floor of the passenger side of the car, and the car smelled of smoke. Cigarette butts were found in the parking lot outside the car and were twice tested for DNA. No connection (so far) has been established to Mr. Gricar’s disappearance.

    2. the identity of the person who left the yellow flowers has been known to police since early in the case. The flowers/person are not relevant to the disappearance.

    3. Mr. Gricar’s brother suffered from bi-polar disease. Mr. Gricar did not. His medical records did not show any indication of depression or other mental health issues.

  • kathleen keane

    Did I read that there was no file on the investigation at the DA’s office on the two cases that the DA did not prosecute? Isn’t that rather unusual? Most lawyers I know keep records of every conversation whether they prosecute the case or not. Maybe the first time he did not prosecute – but the second time? And what about the police records? They have to keep records ….how interesting that there are no records….

  • M. Crew

    It is most probable that DA Gricar did not have enough evidence to get a conviction (as incongruous as that may seem to many) at that time (1998). Maybe he felt that putting a young boy on the stand in order to get a lesser conviction would be an unnecessary re-victimization for the poor lad and he silently vowed to catch the predators another way. Given his dedication to his cases, it would seem likely that Gricar would have kept a keen eye out for any developments so that he could swoop in and prosecute Sandusky and friends when there was enough tangible evidence to go on. I’m guessing that Gricar, given his busy schedule, was forced to leave the investigation to other members of law enforcement. It has been reported that the 1998 Sandusky files (or part thereof) are missing. If that’s the case… then it points to complicity in the PSU pedophile tragedy by people who had access to those files i.e. other law enforcement officials. It’s far too convenient for the press, nefarious so-called media outlets and part-time gumshoes to point the finger at someone who is not here to defend himself.

    It would seem that DA Gricar was lured away by someone he thought was harmless and possibly sincere. If it was in relation to this PSU pedophile scandal then perhaps it was a woman who stated she had information that could put Sandusky and friends away. In Lewisburg (far from the madding crowd) they waited for the person who had all the “details” but that person abducted the DA and killed him. Perhaps that woman even stated to Gricar that she couldn’t share the information with investigators because the Second Mile had friends within the ranks of law enforcement in Centre County and that only the DA himself could be trusted.

    If the early Sandusky files are indeed “missing” then it follows that someone, a law enforcement insider could also have planted internet searches on the DA’s computers (perhaps even remotely) and swayed, manipulated and tainted possible theories in the early days of the investigation toward ‘suicide” and “walk away” scenarios. And there has been quite a bit of staff turnover in the investigation into the DA’s disappearance…