Pooping on Wall Street on Video: New York City a Giant Streetside Defecation Depository

The pooper is center of the screen on the far side of the black car. There is something to his back – perhaps a “waste receptacle” not intended for poop.  As you’ll hear in the video, there is a Port-a-Potty nearby. No sign of toilet paper. At least it’s not a police care this time. Sad. Beautiful New York City has become a giant street-side defecation depository. CORRECTION: Sorry, the pooper was taking part in the Washington, D.C. occupation – or commenters are saying it’s Seattle!

Wall Street Occupier Poops on Video

Thanks to Breitbart for their always interesting documentation videos.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • That is terrible. Just terrible.

  • Patrick

    That video is from Seattle, and you know that happens in NY

  • Is this not against the law? Doesn’t Seattle have a health department?

  • Patrick and Quite Rightly, thanks for the information. I thought it was NY but the Breitbart video says Capitol Hill. Is there a place called Capitol Hill in Seattle?

  • I suppose his parents (to use a word for those who hatched this creature) must have had a bad time potty training him. They must be pleased though that he is using a trash can and not the floor like he does at home. Given a few years he will eventually use the toilet. (Flushing will be optional.)

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