Pelosi Corruption: 203% Return on Her Investment by Manipulating Legislation: Insider Trading Doesn’t Apply to Congress: Throw Them All Out –

Last week we heard a discussion between 60 Minutes reporter Steve Kroft and Nancy Pelsoi. Kroft asked her about her Visa IPO purchase, while spearheading major financial and banking reform legislation through Congress, helpful to credit card issuers. Big Government’s story says Pelosi and her husband purchased $1-$5 Million of the stock, which then skyrocketed in value to a 203% return on the Pelosi’s investment. Pelosi isn’t the whole story and the whole story is enraging. See the video below.

Big Government journalist and editor, Peter Schweizer, has published a new book, Throw Them All Out, detailing the corruption around Pelosi, and from this Fox headline: ’60 Minutes’ Exposes Pelosi, Boehner Corruption, Republicans get their share of the corruption spotlight, as well. Read the story at Big Government.

In this video, Steve Kroft says the $174,000 salary and the halo of a public servant has little, if anything, to do with running for office. “Soft Corruption” is the term Peter Schweizer uses for the “honest” graft available to members of Congress – insider trading, for example, which is not illegal for our Congressional “public servants.” Repeating: insider trading laws do not apply to Congress. Kroft also interviews Boehner below.

Pelosi Games America – Throw Them All Out (video)

Linked at Reagan’s List with more on this story.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • The wicked witch needs some water poured over her! Her and all her (flying) buddies, too!

  • It’s legalized corruption and America yawns. I’m sick of it all.

  • The corruption is astounding — and a sad commentary on the moral state of our nation.

    The very concept of elected public SERVANT has been overtaken by a pack of buzzards, hyenas that are feeding on our guts even though we’re still alive.

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  • I read the following information at Newsmax today:

    In a piece relying on data collected from the conservative Hoover Institution, “60 Minutes” revealed that elected officials like Pelosi are exempt from insider trading laws – regulations that carry hefty prison sentences and fines for any other citizen who trades stocks with private information on companies that can affect their stock price.

    Is there any other reference equal to this that demonstrates how corrupt the political class is? Certainly there are honest politicians but their corrupt counterparts suggest the need for criminal penalties providing for extremely long prison sentences in the ‘general population’ as well as financial consequences to move the perp’s ill-gotten gains and other resources to be applied to the national debt or some similar arrangement.

    If I were a betting man I would expect our fine government to do nothing about this. After all, the political class is exempt from most if not all of the rules the rest of us follow.

  • BS

    If I were Martha Stewart, I’d be fuming at this. How unfair is this crap, they get a free pass and everybody else goes to jail. How did we ever let these vultures in and why and let’s get them all out.

  • BS

    I hope Kroft keeps diggin hard into this but as most things involving our illustrious, worthless and useless members of Congress, I suspect he’ll get shut down as there’s way too many people involved and of course way too much money!

  • BS

    My last comment on the subj of Pelosi, whom IMHO is the most useless worthless self obsessed granny panty wearing bitch on the planet. This insider trading thing isn’t dick, Google how much that “we the tax payers” have to pay to shuttle her ass between D.C. and San Fran twice a wk on her private gov’t issued 737 (Gulfstream 5 just wasn’t big enuf for that bitch) because she refuses to live fulltime in DC, that amt is literally staggering and yet nobody says dick about it. I believe the amt is something like 50-100M per yr and it was worse when she was Spkr of the House.

  • Lene

    The bottom line is that they are taking bribes and that is illegal.

  • Lots of bottom lines with Pelosi. No matter how much this witch Pelosi makes, she still looks like the devil and acts worse. BS is 100% right.

  • Insider Trading Doesn’t Apply to Congress: Throw Them All Out – Well does hanging apply to congress?