Occupy Tulsa Wants Everything Free: Occupy Says Police ‘Surries’ Away

Occupy Tulsa is a tiny movement compared to what we see around the country. The city and the state is mostly conservative these days. But the past few nights, we have had those who preferred to go jail over exiting our Parks at 11 p.m. The Tulsa occupiers had been anxiously awaiting last night’s Tulsa City Council meeting, which yielded nothing in their favor other than one Councilwoman saying she “was with them” even though they acted unlawfully.  For now, fortunately, we have law enforcement and City fathers not interested in pandering at the expense of taxpayers – or at least I thought that would be the case here in my city, but no…even the police are breaking our laws by not enforcing curfews.

The occupiers requested that the City Council waive all permits, all fees, all curfews and all insurance requirements for assembling in our parks. Can you imagine the lawsuit that would follow the death or injury of one of the protesters?  The person who filed the request for ‘everything free’ didn’t show up for the Council meeting, so the Council will consider the matter again next Thursday night, although there is little lawful to consider.

Councilor Maria Barnes told the occupiers she is “with them” in their cause, and seemed apologetic that that she had to follow the law.

Right this minute, it is 4:30 pm CDT in Tulsa. The Occupy Tulsa website posted this message, 31 minutes ago:

Bring candles for tonight candlelight vigil after the arrests

A vigil after tonight’s planned arrests? Tell me why my tax money should pay for police to spend their time arresting these ridiculous children who likely don’t know a thing about how we ended up in this financial disaster, or why they no longer have a job? Think about this. Many of our Parks, and many beautiful and useful amenities found in Tulsa have been donated by the wealthy of our city for your lawful use. What would you have without them, and tell me the last time you were offered a job from a poor person.

Whether young or old, you disgrace yourselves as an “occupier” when you demand no curfew, no licensing fees or permits and no insurance liability. Grow up and follow the rules of the city and many of us will see you as far more responsible protesters. And by the way, buy your own cigarettes, mouthwash and toothbrush. Good grief!

Discouraging is the news that occupiers have been allowed to stay in the parks after the 11 pm curfew. The noble agreement to be arrested in an act of  “non-violent civil disobedience” is laughable, and police should throw your butts in jail and keep you there for more than a few days. If taxpayers have to pay for your civil obedience, we should at least get our monies worth.

Truthout.org says the Tulsa police “scurried” back to their vehicles and “departed.” Some advice to police: put their rear-ends in jail and keep them there for 4 or 5 days. We have laws which you generally uphold. In the face of bratty community wastrels, please tell me you are not “scurrying.” Arrest everyone at 11:01 and get back to the work of protecting the city.

Webster, surrounded by a cadre of sergeants, had addressed the crowd of about 30 people at about 11:15 p.m., suggesting they remove their tents and return at 5 a.m. He cited city ordinances that the park was closed between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. He also noted there was no law against remaining on the sidewalk between those hours.

Occupy Tulsa, like other Occupy movements around the country, did not accept the compromise as a viable solution. The Occupy position is that the park belongs to the “people.”

How about your neighborhood? Does it belong to criminals? Are criminals “We the People?” Do you care about the safety and protection of your parents, your sisters, your nieces and nephews?

Do you have a glimmer of how repulsive you are asking others to pay your way? How unreasonable it is to demand an increase in the employees who must clean up after you in city bathrooms, without your permit fees being paid?

To the occupiers…once again, don’t beg cigarettes, and step-up and comply with City rules by paying your permits and your insurance and leave the parks at 11 p.m., and sit on the sidewalks if you must. When this is over, come back and tell me what you accomplished to make your life better. Bet not a single one you will have a cogent answer to that question.

From Occupy Tulsa:


Teachers- Lecturers, yoga instructors, workshop facilitators (to volunteer your time contact occupiedtulsa@gmail.com )

Immediate Needs:

Rain Gear: Tarps, plastic sheeting, bungee cords, Tent stakes, anything made of wool

Other Needs:

Longjohns and other warm/winter approrpriate undergarments
a white gas stove
body soap
dish soap (earth friendly and biodegradable if possible)
laundry detergent
art supplies
journals/ lined paper
air mattresses or sleeping pads
pine sol
Long-johns and other warm/winter approrpriate undergarments
more books!
vegan and gluten free food options
non-latex gloves

Photo courtesy of Tulsa World Zack Stoycoff


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  • Notice that they want only the most expensive specialty foods (organic, vegan, gluten-free).

    Tell people to keep their donations and give it to charities that help the homeless and poor. These idiots should starve and freeze.