Occupy Tulsa: Local Shelves Stocked with Cheetah, Mink

Had to chuckle. I just finished a piece on Occupy Tulsa and then saw a headline in our local paper, “Fur Flies” and “Local shelves stocked with cheetah, mink.” Today is the day that Occupy Tulsa got into full swing on the Centennial Green downtown. The offending store windows will offend no occupiers though, because Tulsa has no downtown fashion shopping these days. We have plenty of it, but not anywhere near the occupiers. We are suburbia!

The focus of the story is on faux fur, but real fox shrugs are mentioned. Tulsa always has its fair share of fine furriers. An evening dining out in the colder months and you will find the real thing coming and going, with pearls or jeans, or a combo.

Tulsa World (I added the links):

Adding some glamour to the style equation was Kelly Mize’s intention with the fur pieces she offers at Little Black Dress, 3524-E S. Peoria Ave.

“It’s definitely a big trend, but the thing about fur and faux fur is I think it’s going to transcend the trendy,” Mize said. “It’s like an investment.”

The store offers real fur accessories, such as shrugs, pull-through scarves and collars, and it also sells clothing with faux fur, such as long vests.

“I think it’s appropriate, especially in this economy, to wear it but to not necessarily have a lot of fur,” Mize said. “A little goes a long way.”

Adding a fur shrug to a dress can turn a work look into a dressy, evening look.

“It’s also great with a white shirt and jeans. I view it as an accessory – it pulls the whole look together,” Mize said.

Miss Jackson’s at Utica Square has offered real fur coats and accessories in its fur salon for decades.

“Today, we’re doing a lot of practical styles, things women need. Fur isn’t as dressy as it used to be,” said Danielle White, a sales associate in the fur salon. “We’re selling short jackets that they can wear during the daytime with boots, and we’re selling vests.”

A popular style is mink, which is cut into strips, then knitted, she said.

“Our No. 1 seller is a sheared mink lightweight jacket that reverses to a rain coat,” she said.

Today’s furs are full of color and many textures.

“I think bold colors are really coming back,” White said. “And texture – long hair and short hair is a trend right now. Also, old Hollywood glamour with the shawls and the fox stoles.”

Customers are using fur as a personality piece.

“I think they are smarter, and they can find that one item that they can be identified with, and they don’t have to buy everything,” Kurtz said. “So that piece will carry them the whole season.”

Furry accessories have been popping up in fashion in different ways for centuries – so keeping on trend might mean reusing an older piece. White said customers can trade in older furs toward new coats, and Miss Jackson’s master furrier can update existing pieces.

“There’s no question that fur is huge for us. Last year we doubled what we did the year before,” White said. “It’s an investment. It lasts forever.”

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook