Occupy Oklahoma City Occupier Found Dead in Tent: ‘Street Poet’ Dead While Occupying

Occupy Oklahoma City (OccupyOKC) has had a fatality. A 20-30-something homeless man known as ‘Street Poet’ was found dead in a tent in Kerr Park near Robinson and Broadway. He had been camping in the park since October 10th. The death appears to be due to natural causes. His name has not been released. Police have said the death will be treated as a homicide until toxicology is released. The young man in the video is believed to be the ‘Street Poet.’ Very sad to see this young man who doesn’t look homeless, stoned or sound as though he is uneducated (he doesn’t even have an Okie accent).

Street Poet?

Now that he is dead, the ‘Street Poet’ is romanticized…kinda like he was “born to do what he was doing” (homeless and probably using drugs or alcohol!).


“At a candlelight vigil last night to honor first responders, Street Poet delivered a powerful poetic commentary about the complexities of homelessness and drug abuse, and the system’s failure to adequately deal with these issues,” Faulk wrote.

“It was kind of amazing. It was like he was doing what he was born to do. And he had an audience of 50 or 60 really attentive people,” Faulk said.

The question is not why the system has failed to deal with homelessness and drug abuse. The question is, why are people not dealing with their own homelessness and drug abuse. Many do, and I know that, and I applaude them, but in general, our plight is always the fault of “the system.”

Occupy Tulsa is asking for cigarette donations! Sheesh! We are back to Flower Children and Kumbaya.

Is this the ‘Street Poet?’ (video)

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  • Corpses now!

    The only way the stench down there could get any worse lol


      Yellowed orbs through the night blur the coller from our site. A man is dead. HOW EVIL CAN YOU 1%ER REPUBICANS GET? The homeless are just throw away people because they weren’t born rich!

  • One down, a few hundred to go.

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  • I have been in OKC for a couple months and this is the first I have heard that there is an Occupy OKC. That will tell you how big a deal this movement is here.JS

  • Very sad. One suspects, of course, that it’s drug-related. They need to send mental health workers to #Occupy [location].

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  • Anonymous Refugee

    I can tell you THIS boy did no drugs. He was merely a kid trying to survive. This was the type of person I swore my allegiance to protect when I joined the military. This was the type person who DESERVED so much more than this pathetic country gives the homeless.

    One must first recognize that the social problems within ANY society are products of FAILURES within that society…and thus the responsibility of THAT VERY SAME SOCIETY!!

    Those who are truly MENTALLY ILL, are those who feel otherwise!!!

  • Thomas Brown

    Here’s the real problem:

  • Sad server

    Luis was a very gifted young man! And had such a compassionate soul! I work at a local restaurant and he became a regular, we all enjoyed his presence! He recited his poems, made us laugh, and we all thoroughly enjoyed him! He made a new friend every night, he was so friendly and had such an outgoing personality! Luis with his skateboard and notebook full of lyrical poetry will be missed!