Occupy Oakland: Kayvan Sabehgi Iraq Afghanistan Vet Injured at Occupied Oakland

Kayvan Sabehgi is reportedly a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. While in the frey at Occupy Oakland, he says he was beaten by police with batons. He is in intensive care with a lacerated spleen. Another Oakland protester and Iraq vet, Scott Olsen, was injured on October 25th in Oakland. “Occupiers” in Oakland have taken an increasingly violent turn and have attempted to shutdown the city – and have done a good job of it. In fact, they have succeeded in shutting down the Port of Oakland, the 5th-busiest port for container traffic in the U.S. And the rowdies are calling for a “general strike.”


“Operations are effectively shut down in the maritime area of the Port of Oakland,” according to a port statement late yesterday. “Operations will resume when it is safe and secure to do so.”…

The demonstrations prompted hundreds of downtown workers to stay home or leave their jobs early.

The protest was “largely peaceful, with isolated incidents,” according to the police statement. “Five businesses have been vandalized, mostly banks and Whole Foods.” No arrests were made. One person was hurt by a rock thrown through a window, police said.

There’s the huge problem. “No arrests were made.” Where is the justice for business owners? Where is the justice for those who needed to be in the area but had the good sense to stay away, or were not allowed entry? Employees were sent home early…but there were no arrests. Hundreds of teachers called in sick or asked for the day off. Bet most were in the streets.

A report at America Power says the Occupy movement in Oakland intends to
“reclaim abandoned properties to meet their own immediate needs…” Never mind who owns them and pays taxes on them.  Anarchists were out in full force, and ready to “brave against the violence of the state arm….” If you want to see violence in the occupy movement, American Power has the video.

Even Al Jazeera is interested in American war vets, Kayvan Sabehgi and Scott Olsen, and is reporting the story from The Guardian. Maybe they handed out candy in the office today.

Occupy Oakland Violence

Violence should be intolerable. Surely the Oakland police can handle an overflowing jail, or beg some space from nearby cities. Keep these hippies in jail for a couple of weeks and they might get back to peaceful and lawful protests.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I don’t know about this latest vet, but the 1st one ran a site all about hating the military, WAS NOT injured by the cops (it was the rioters throwing things that got him hurt) and while the MSM screamed that he was ‘unresponsive’, Gateway Pundit has pictures of the guy TEXTING shortly after his ‘injury’.
    I don’t believe anything about the alleged ‘victims’ among the lawless squatters and rioters, the real victims are members of the communities whose lives are being disrupted by those cretins.

  • Kayvan Sabehgi and Scott Olsen can rot in Hell for all I care. It is time to close the Port of Oakland permanently and fire all the workers.

    Then watch the fireworks begin.

  • militaryfamilyWA

    Sabeghi is a former Army Ranger who served two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    And a local business owner who owns a brew pub in Oakland and was on this way home from work. Cops probably beat him because of his skin color.
    I think we need to bring our troops home to the US to defend the citizens from the police!

    • They why did he have a military hate site and what was he doing supporting a bunch of thugs and morons. You get in a cops face and you are going to get your butt beat, it’s that simple.
      And what the hell does the color of his skin have to do with it you racist!

      • moxie

        not only are you ignorant and just wrong about the things you say (Sabeghi did NOT have an anti-military website), but you are hateful in the way you call others names. that’s all you have, lies and name calling?

        • No I am not ignorant but I damn well don’t take osme dingbats word for anything. I spent 34 years in service to this country and have a bit more knowledge than you have on any subject in regard to the military or government.

          He is an 11B that is Infantry, Rifleman that makes him qualified for Ranger but doesn’t prove that he is/was one. He was on promotion cycle in Mar of 2007 to E-5 (Sgt). To be promoted to this grade he had to have 8 months TIG as an E-4 and 36 months (3 years) TIS. AND then he would be promoted ONLY if a slot were available under Primary Zone promotion system.
          To be a Ranger he has to be eligible for a Secret Security Clearance. Unless he is a US citizen he is not eligible for a Secret security clearance.

          The other moron who was suppose to be a Marine(Scott Olson) was not beaten by the cops but hit in the head with a gas canister. He also was dishonorably discharged for cocaine

          As I said, get in the face of a cop, right or wrong and you’ll get your ass kicked. Lay with dogs and you get fleas. A real Vet would not be joining socialist , commies and other undesirable groups unless there was something wrong with his thinking. Maybe he drinks too much at the bar he supposedly has a partnership in.
          And Moxie who the hell pulled your chain. I addressed MFWVA, not you moron. Now prove me wrong.