Occupy Fort Collins: Benjamin David Gilmore Arrested for Arson: He’s Republican and Ron Paul Supporter!

Occupy Fort Collins activist Benjamin David Gilmore was arrested while protesting in Occupy Fort Collins and charged with first degree arson in the fires of two buildings in Oldtown. He is also charged with second-degree burglary and criminal mischief. Gilmore is held on $250,000 bond. The really, really big news in the story is that Gilmore is a Republican. I can’t remember seeing a single identification of a “Democrat” in all the (probably) thousands of stories about “occupiers.”

Benjamin David Gilmore


Benjamin Gilmore was detained on a court order Thursday and later arrested at the Fort Collins Police Services station, 2221 S. Timberline Road.

Limited information is being released regarding the arrest, because all supporting documents have been sealed. No further arrests were made by Friday evening, but the case remains under active investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ National Response Team, in cooperation with Poudre Fire Authority and Fort Collins Police Services, officials said. Investigators completed processing the fire scene and the NRT left the scene Oct. 30.

The properties officially have been released to the owners and/or property management company. Benjamin Gilmore’s criminal history includes charges of drunken driving and speeding, according to Colorado court records, but he has no history of arson or violence.

Penny Flats Fire

The fires cost an estimated $10 Million in damages. The original fire started in the Mason Flats which was under construction and empty. It then spread to the adjacent Penny Flats condos, where some lost their homes.

Fort Collins occupiers say Gilmore has been active in the movement since “day one,” is well-liked and has been a leader. He is said to be a Republican and a Ron Paul supporter. Pam Geller has more on Gilmore here.  See a video interview by Kevin Mussman, with Gilmore (a few days before his arrest), explaining what Occupy Fort Collins is about.

If you are not aware of the startling number of rapes and assaults in the Occupy movement across the country, take a look at this latest update at The Lonely Conservative, some first-hand reporting and join the call to action to let the Democrat National Committee (202-863-8000) know it is time to step up and put a stop to these, anything but peaceful, assemblies. We can flood their switchboards, send emails and faxes, and if you are on of the unfortunate to be represented by a Democrat Congressman/woman or Democrat Senator, call them too.

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Photo credit Gilmore:  Kevin Mussman TRI-102.5/Townsquare Media.

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  • “Republican.” “For Ron Paul.”
    …and skipping his meds.

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  • LindaG

    This story is so misinformed, what ever happened to investigative journalism? I happen to know this individual and he is not an arson. He is a bee keeper and as a child held workshops on beekeeping at our Sustainable Living Fair while all the other kids where watching ‘reality’ shows. He opened his own successful honey shop on North College, I suppose since it was cheaper rent, that’s a real crazy person for you. He barters without apology, takes gold and silver, and is active politically. The city has been trying to pin something on him for years.

    Just a week or so before this arrest he went to city council meeting and asked them to intervene on the Occupy Ft. Collins behalf. You see they have been harassed by the cops and Ben wanted to make the city aware of what was happening (like they didn’t know) and live on camera, embarrassed the council members by telling them that there were just kids out there and they didn’t have the right to interfere with their free speech demonstration. He also happens to be the only Occupy Ft. Collins participant that has assets; his business, home, bank account, etc. So, who else are the police going to arrest of the dozen or so kids down there?

    Personally, I have not participated with the occupy movement because I’m not certain what their motivations are, but I support their right to protest, just like the tea party people have. I also can not speak to other crimes committed by ‘Occupiers’ in other areas of the country. But, I can say that the kids standing on the corner in Ft. Collins are harmless.

    The night of the fire was the first snow fall as you remember. The building where it started was empty and under construction. My guess is that it was started by one of the numerous homeless people in that area of town trying to get warm. There is a homeless mission just two blocks from there and they have to turn away people all the time because they get too full.

    This whole thing is such a mess, I don’t even know where to begin trying to sort it out, but one thing I know for certain is that Ben is innocent and far from being a ‘nutcase’! He is a very thoughtful young man and has more in common with people who profess to be liberty minded and self sufficient.

    • LindaG, the story informed and about journalists, this comes directly from journalists in the Ft. Collins area. No where does it say that Gilmore set the fires. What is in the article, is what was in the news. I have had correspondence with someone in the area, and I asked: why is this man suspected? Well, if you read the report, you know the records are sealed.

      You’ve said he is “liberty minded.” Did you notice that he was reported to be a Republican? Odd don’t you think when talking about occupiers. As I said, I haven’t seen even one of the thousands of occupiers identified as a Democrat.

      I hope Mr. Gilmore is innocent and will be so found, but don’t come here and ask what has happened to journalism. Where does the word ‘nutcase’ come from?

      • LindaG

        I’m issue with the article is that it was posted in the first place. With no evidence and no motive, they may as well have arrested a homeless person and you would not be reporting on it would you?

        If you are going to choose to pass around rumors and innuendos, and claim that it’s ‘news’ then you should at least do a little more investigation and see what the real story is.

        The title of the article is inflammatory. But obviously it got the reaction you and your website were seeking based on the comments by your viewers. If you want to portray Ron Paul supporters as crazy people just quote some MSNBC commentator.

        Even our local ‘more liberal’ paper, The Coloradoan, did a better job of reporting than the link you lead your readers too. http://www.coloradoan.com/article/20111105/NEWS01/111050343/Arrest-Old-Town-fire

        And, people who “skip their meds” are considered ‘nutcases’.

        • LindaG – first I’m Republican and one of my points was that he is being identified as a Republican in the Occupy Movement. Second, Evidently there is some evidence that someone sees as worthy. I like Ron Paul, I support many of his issues. Many of his supporters are crazies, in my opinion. Many are not.

          So you want to tell the police who to report as arrested, and who they have not? And then you want to tell news sources which arrests to report, and which not to?

          • LindaG

            If it were worthy evidence, they won’t have put it under seal, they would have let us all see it. This is a arson case, not a rape. Even then the authorities would say under seal due to protect witnesses etc.

            I hate to be the one to inform you, but the cops aren’t always your friend. In many areas they are a corrupt bunch of thugs and they only protect the Mayors interests and serve mainly as tax collectors.

            I don’t want to tell them who to arrest, where did that come from? I only stated they may as well of arrested a homeless person. Not that I want them to arrest a homeless person. My point was obvious in that you would not be reporting on this fire if they had. Don’t embarrass yourself any further.

            It’s very clear as a reader that you had an agenda when you posted this article and I’m not buying it. I hope other don’t either. Don’t be mad because I called you out on it. Just accept that you were caught and don’t do it again.

            • LindaG, I just found this latest comment. If a homeless person involved in the Occupy movement had been arrested in connection to a $10M arson, I would have reported it. My agenda is to point how the Left is ruining this country. I pointed out that Gilmore is not a Leftist from the news available.

              He was arrested, and I have no way of knowing if the arrest is valid or not. I do know that police can be thugs. I also know, most of them are not. If your police are thugs, I suggest you get busy and do something about it. If that was Gilmore’s agenda, he didn’t mention it in the video I linked.

              Police have the right to seal records. It’s that simple. I WILL write about the Occupy movement which is out-of-control, with a majority of the people participating not having a clue about good government.