Occupy DC: Another Video of 78-Yr-Old Woman Pushed Down Steps

Other versions of this video have been making the rounds but this one shows 78-year-old Dolores Broderson on the ground and the despicable protesters pushing in against those trying to help her. Ms. Broderson rode a bus from Detroti to Attend the Americans for Prosperity Tribute to Ronald Reagan dinner. She spent the night in the hospital with “multiple” injuries.  She is just one part of the story of that day – street blockades and protesters jumping in front of motorists. More details and video here.

Dolores Broderson

Dolores Broderson Pushed Down Stairs and to the Ground by D.C. Occupiers (video)

Photo credit Atlas Shrugs  Thanks to Fox News.

  • So much for the claim of non-violence. Only non-violent when they wish to be.

  • Let them try that in a state that allows its citizens to carry concealed weapons. Throw my wife down or attack my children and you’ll be met by 185 grains of jacketed hollow point.