Occupy DC: 3 Protestors Hit by Motorist, 2 Women Knocked Down – Hurt, Street Blockades – No Luxury Cars Allowed

Yesterday I posted a video of a woman who allowed her two small children to be used in a blockade in a dangerous situation at the D.C. Convention Center where the Defending the American Dream Summit was underway. Between the Daily Caller, Instapundit, The Daley Gator and Small Dead Animals, quite a story has developed. See the video below.

Michelle Fields, The Daily Caller at Occupy D.C.

Two older women were knocked down. Both attended the conference. One of the women was 78 years old and had ridden a bus from Detroit to get there. She was apparently pushed down steps.

At about 2:25 you see the back of a woman in orange. I believe she is the 78-year-old who is pushed down the steps. She appears again later in the video at about 3:40 as she is laboriously helped to her feet.

At about 2:36 you see a woman in a black and white striped top who is down. Police and others are asking if anything is broken. She gets to her feet and then clearly is unable to stand and sinks back down.

Another woman is clearly furious at protestors. She had two small children with her and yelled over and over again “don’t get near my kid,” or something similar. A man finally dragged her away by her hair, while her children looked on.

Blockades on the streets were formed allowing “non-luxury” cars to pass. You’ll see a man blockaded. He told the crowd he had a two-year-old in the car with him and was just trying to get home. They told him to turn around and said “you have no power right now.”

At about 4:23 you hear that a car has run over “a person.” You see someone on a stretcher and an ambulance. There were actually 3 people claiming to be hit. Here’s that story:

Three person were truck by a motorist.

Police said Saturday that a driver will not be charged for striking the three people Friday evening. In the video you’ll see and hear a protester’s version. It’s obvious, if you aren’t in the street, you won’t get hit, and isn’t it illegal to blockade a street:

Assistant Police Chief Lamar Greene said at a Saturday evening press conference that police concluded from talking to two witnesses that the collision was unavoidable. But the three people involved in the crash gave a different story.

Hundreds of protesters affiliated with Occupy DC shut down streets Friday night near the city’s convention center in downtown, where a conservative group was gathering. The two adults and one teenager who were struck were taken to the hospital after the collision and later released.

Lt. Christopher Micciche (MITCH’-ih-kay) of the D.C. police said the driver was not cited because he had a green light when his vehicle struck the three at around 10 p.m.

“The protesters were apparently trying to block the roadway,” Micciche said. “It was essentially an accident where three individuals were injured but they were in violation by being in the roadway.”

Witnesses said one of the protesters jumped on the hood of the car.

In the video, Michelle Fields from Daily Caller was in the streets with the rowdies. You’ll hear a lot of language. Stacy McCain interviewed her. Interesting. Read it here (photo credit to Stacy as well). This is no peaceful assembly in Washington, D.C. Police must get control of these situations across the country or citizens will have to help them put out the fires both literally and figuratively. If the video has disappeared or does not work, please view it at The Daily Caller.


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