Occupy DC 2 Toddlers Blockade: Hamas Tactics Occupy DC Video

Two little barely toddlers, babies still yet, are placed as a blockade behind very big guys banging on the glass walls of the Washington D.C. Convention Center. Hamas does the same thing. They grab the kids and the mothers to use as shields when Israel retaliates for the death of Israelis. Or many Islamic mothers martyr their children by strapping the suicide bomb on their young. In the video, the mother says “the police are the only ones who will harm them.” The truth is, the police are the only ones who will not harm them, as they are forced to let the “big guys” try to force their way into the convention center.

Occupy D.C. - Convention Center

Lots of violence at Occupy D.C. outside of this story. Women knocked down, motorists blockaded, protesters hit by a car. See it hear. Good video.

As Hot Air asks: where is the Fire Department? What if the people inside the building needed to get out, and met with the toddler brigade outside the door? View another video at the American Dream Conference where a wheelchair-bound woman (who puts the mob-rule to shame) can’t exit the building due to the frenzy outside.


Mother Puts Toddlers on Front Line of Attack on D.C. Convention Center (video)

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