Occupiers Get a Goal: Occupy Student Debt – Students Loans – No Repayment

The snotty brats, druggies, and thieves dirtying the streets across America have decided they have a unified goal, and that goal is refusing to pay back their student loans – know as Occupy Student Debt. If they own anything of material matter, I hope they lose it all. I hope their credit ratings fall lower than they are today. I hope they never own a home!

The call is out for one million people to stop repaying their college loans, which nation wide amounts to a debt of over $1 Trillion. The day I see them protesting on University campuses, I’ll believe they are serious about the price of education.

These simpletons signed the papers for their loan. It wasn’t forced upon them. There is the word “obligation” that they know naught of. According to this article, the average student loan debt is $25,000. Well damn big deal. The idea is, that over your life span you will earn many times that amount, but only if you choose to work, and only if you chose a field that pays decently. A pox on them, please.

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • To be fair, Maggie, the poor and oppressed Ivy League graduates yearning to live (uh…I mean, “breathe”) free may not be allowed to protest at school. As it turns out, Big Left Education sugar daddies don’t care for protests in THEIR lovely public spaces.

  • The 60s = The Free Love Generation
    70s = The Me Generation
    80s = Dynasty/Punk Rock Generation
    90s = The Self Esteem Generation
    2000s = The Entitlement Generation

  • A “goal”- lol probably a new concept to these socialist sloths

    And I want a house on the beach in Maui, so what

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  • Good grief! What a bunch of irresponsible miscreants!

  • Oh Excellent. Let them. It will hurt banks a bit but the overall effect will be a lock down on lending in general, with a real halt on student loan lending. Kids wanting to take out loans for school after this will have to sign the agreement in blood most likely, along with their parents or guardians who will end up holding the bag if they attempt to default.

    Good luck getting a mortgage, credit card or buying a car or even a scooter for that matter.
    I’ve got houseplants smarter than these kids.

  • These Occupiers are one stupid bunch of lazy no good brats that are being paid by our greedy government $50.00 a day to protest. So there goes more of our hard earned tax money down the sewer.

  • Haha in my opinion, I think i agree with ljcarolyne.


  • It’s pretty easy to see the end result. These poor kids are dupes. Stephen Lerner laid out the plan a long time ago, The Unions could not be out front, they needed these dupes to come out as pawns, then the Union muscle will show up “in solidarity – and that’s what this farce is all about. So they lure the dumb kids and baby boomers with this notion that they can renege on their student loans and mortgages to – take your choice, bring about social justice, stick it to the man, overthrow the banks, fundamentally change – blah blah blah…. this is the horse they intend to ride Obama back into office.

    BUT – you renege on your student loans – what’s the consequence? No more student loans. For anyone.

    Means you – and everyone else you have just ruined it for – will have to pay for your education up front and as you go. No more trusting people to keep their word.

    You default on your mortgage? same deal. Banks no longer make bad bets, no more mortgages. Try buying a house now.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. It’s tragic.

    And all those college professors, who taught students to think this was cool – guess what – they’re not in the #occupy protests protesting for you to get more money and higher pay, oh no – they’re looking to deny you payment for the services you have rendered. saying your teaching is worthless (no matter what they pretended to care about in Wisconsin.) And now that there are no more student loans, enrollment is down, salaries plummet, departments are shuttered, colleges closed – what a beautiful new world order you have wrought.

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