Obama, Murder, Sex, Jeremiah Wright, Murder, Marriage

Okay, these stories have been floating around for a very long time. My friend Reaganite Republican has a very detailed post up on Obama, Murder, Sex, Marriage, Murder, Jeremiah Wright and…Murder. Here’s a sample:

Barack Obama and Sohale Siddiqi

Reaganite Republican: And plenty more smoke where that came from…

    • Such orchestrated, hollow marriages-of-convenience like the Obamas’ appear to have been a specialty at the morally and financially dubious Trinity United Church of Christ… where Rev. Jeremiah Wright oversaw the coupling of ‘down-low’ (closeted) gay black men with embittered, hard-to-match black women.  You know the type: Oprah Winfrey and her longtime “boyfriend” Stedman Graham were for many years also members of this same church, fwiw.

The photo above? (Quoting Kevin at HillBuzz)

There have never been two straight males in the history of the world who have sat on the couch together like this.

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