Obama Godless Presidential Thanksgiving Address 2011 Video

In this video, Barack Obama is “thankful,” over and over again for his abundant blessings but utters no credit to the Almighty. Perhaps it’s the new-age Oprah-form of religion: we create our own personal power and derive blessings through that power. With Rules for Radicals committed to memory and two years of a morally bankrupt Democrat Congress trampling the Constitution and abdicating all power to him, Obama is his own blessing creator. I doubt this country has ever had a Thanksgiving Day Presidential address without a single mention of God.

Barack Obama’s Godless Thanksgiving Address to the Nation 2011 (video)

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Maggie … “Change?” Once again we have it. Obama said we weren’t a Christian nation anymore. Well … now we are a Godless nation according to him. What’s next … a satanic nation. God please help us.

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  • I hope you don’t mind me skipping the vid, Maggie. I can’t stand watching this turkey.

  • Aside from his failure to mention the Mythical Being, did you find anything wrong with the rest of his speech?
    Personally, I am thrilled to finally have a President who doesn’t invoke God at the drop of a hat. Too many self-professed christian politicians use God’s name like candy to toss to the crowd.
    You don’t believe in Santa Claus anymore, the Easter Bunny you scoff at, the tooth fairy? You threw her under a bus when you were 8.
    So finish growing up, already. Besides, wouldn’t you get tired of being verbally worshipped all the time? A Supreme Being wouldn’t be so egotistical, like the dictator of a third-world country.
    Hope you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving

    • Finish growing up? Unlike Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny … all of nature points to a Creator, a God. Jesus is not Mythical … why don’t you try and find Him? He’s not far … He’s the breath you breath.

    • Cao

      mythical being? You’ve got to be kidding. Have you taken a look at Thanksgiving Proclamations from Washington to the present? Every single president mentions THANKING GOD. Except for this loser. Which, by the way, if you look at the official proclamations there is something there about God, although not much.

      But in the White House press release and in the video of his message, there is not.

  • I can hardly stand watching him.

    I do note that he looks terrible and that his voice sounds flat. Jonesing?

    When is the last time that a President of the United States gave a Thanksgiving message without mention of God or Providence?

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  • Some say that G. W. Bush didn’t mention God in his last Thanksgiving Message.. I don’t know about that.. guess I could check it out but you know, this President is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. There’s to much that points to a non-Christian President. “Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving” Look at the hate he has in his eyes as he says that. We so need to vote this jerk out of office… I’ll say it.. God be with us all the day we vote this bum out of our office.

    • I’m with you David.

    • Cao

      GW quoted George Washington in at least one of his addresses and talked about Thanks to God.

  • Obama uses Taqqiya: Obama is a Muslim.
    Islamic Tactics of Taqqiya teaches Muslims to practise Deception , Fraud & Double Standards to spread Islam : So none of this suprises me any when Obama doesn’t mention God. Obama thinks he’s god – but to his dismay it’s with a little g. Obama is a nothing and nothing comes from nothing, nothing never did!!!!

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