Obama Economic Record: Pass It Around

I found this at Reaganite Republican. I’m saying pass it around. He’s saying rub it in the face of every lib relative and neighbor you know over the holidays. Sorry I didn’t have it in time for Uncle Frank, the cross-dresser, at your Thanksgiving table.

Bona fides: Senator John Thune, U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee, 11-8-11

Don’t miss the item second from the bottom: US Global Competitiveness – always #1, today #4!

Moonbattery reminds of the voter fraud coming our way,  and The Lonely Conservative reports Democrats having a “holiday party” at an abortion clinic.

Conservative Hideout has a 1949 Ode to Welfare written by a “prominent Democrat” and entered into the Congressional Record. Finally, consider this discussion at SENTRY JOURNAL, on living in a post-Constitution era – watch the video with the excellent Judge Andrew Napolitano and the very savvy Utah freshman Senator, Mike Lee.

It’s Christmas. We have to shop, bake, wrap, send care packages to the troops, buy for the Angel Tree and support our Church chorales, but it is not too early to read, remind and envision what our lives will be like if we cannot get Obama out of the White House, and turn the Senate to a solid Republican majority. It’s the stuff of nightmares. Tuck this chart into your wallet, pocket or handbag and feel proud when it’s wrinkled, dirty, and torn after making it’s way around the office. Post it on the bulletin board. That’s a good idea. Send it in emails. Hey, put it in your Christmas cards. Now that’s a really great idea!

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