Newt Gingrich Money Honey: What to do After Repealing ObamaCare

This exchange between Newt Gingrich and the arrogant and snotty Maria Bartiromo, also known as “Money Honey,” is a classic. She was also a classic when the began her career on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and earned her nickname the “Money Honey. Newt is asked what he would do after repealing ObamaCare. He asserts you cannot explain that in 30 seconds, but he does a great job anyway. I live-blogged the debate last night. See my notes here.

Newt Gingrich

Maria Bartiromo, Money Honey

CNBC Debate: Maria Bartiromo and Newt Gingrich: After ObamaCare (video)

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  • She also had her sweet assets delivered to her in a silver pizza box by Cain. To think that CNBC is struggling for viewers…