Nancy Pelosi Bug Eyed: Pelosi IPO Cozy with Banksters?

Nancy Pelosi and her husband were allegedly in on a Visa IPO while she was House Speaker, and at the same time major Democrat legislation on financial reform was underway in the House. According to Breitbart, the questioner was 60 Minutes‘ Steve Kroft. “Her eventual response to Kroft: “It’s not true, and that’s that.” Andrew Breitbart is asking if Pelosi was involved in an “insider deal with banksters. Besides the corruption that we are exceedingly familiar with anytime Pelosi increases her considerable wealth, take a look at her eyes in this video. How often do you see the whites of someone’s eyes, above the iris? Try stopping the video at 1:16 min. in. or at 2 min. in, or take your pick. Scary.

Linked by the Lonely Conservative who has a link to the transcript of Pelosi’s exchange with 60 Minutes.

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Questioned by Steve Kroft, 60 Minutes (video)

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