Michelle Obama Jill Biden: Booed at NASCAR Video

If you think Americans don’t understand who Michelle and Barack Obama are, just listen to this video. MO was loudly booed. You can’t miss it! Yeah, yeah, she was there to support the military. I’ll believe that when the moon turns to cheese. No, she was there for the photo op. We have a first lady who wears strapless apparel on the streets, is not proud of her country, and her husband bows low to world leaders and has purposefully wrecked our economy to make his beloved Socialism our only option. We know who they are deep down inside, and we will NOT forget what they have done to America.

Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama and Jill Biden Booed at NASCAR

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Doesn’t she know, proper attire at a NASCAR event is TUBE top


    • I am going to remember that one and try and use it again elsewhere!

  • Sorry, too late. Screwing-over the auto industry isn’t how one ingratiates one’s self to the NASCAR audience. Showing-up now at a race and boasting a “country music” evening featuring warmed-over commie re-tread Christopherson… Nope.

    No, this crowd could just feel the love for them and they returned it warmly, in kind.

  • Good – glad they were BOOOOOOOED. MO looked like a tramp with poor taste in that ugly tube top. hahahahahaha

  • Ordinarily, I would view ‘booing’ the President or his family in bad taste. Further, I would view criticism of the White House in a similar fashion. But these are not ‘ordinary’ times. If they were we would not be in the fix we’re in.

    Could we plesse return to the America I remember and deal with the problems confronting our nation in a manner worthy of the world’s single best example of government by the consent of the governed?