Michelle Obama: Being Married to Obama Scary

Michelle Obama spoke to high students at a mentoring program in Washington, D.C. She said being married to the president is “scary.” Her point was, he forces the family to “get out of their

Michelle Obama

comfort zone.” Those students, at their tender age, don’t have a clue what it means to be of voting age with a much longer history of this country behind us, and have to look at, and listen to her husband every day for almost three years…watch him decimate the Constitution and the well-being of America. Millions of us are far beyond our “comfort zone,” as we see on the horizon a very different America than our Founders intended. That’s the definition of ‘scary,’ and ‘terrifying,’ and ‘appalling.’  Source.

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Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook 

  • Being married to her would be scary! I can’t imagine waking up to something as ugly as homemade sin each morning. In my younger days she would have been known as a coyote. You’d chew your arm off to get away before she woke up.
    Guess you can’t tell kids that huh. hahahha.

    • You got it – hahahahaha – both of those black birds are pretty scary! Before you call me a racist, FYI I don’t like the white side of Obama either.
      Lord help, we got another terrifying year to go.

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  • Married to him is scary.. having him running our country is terrifying…

  • michigan

    She should live outside the Regime and know what it feels like. And she’s a willing sexual partner,….I think.