Michelle O Wears Vera Wang…for the 1st time!

Can’t get anymore exciting than this. Michelle Obama had a beautiful new wardrobe of tropical styles for her visit to Hawaii, and for the very first time…ever…she wore a Vera Wang design. Breathtaking.

Michelle Obama in Vera Wang

The Wang was pink organza and grey faille. Then there was the black and white basket weave print, a vibrant yellow floral creation , dark navy blue and another navy and white print.

“The colors were stunning against her skin.”


Not the Vera Wang

It is important that a First Lady look nice. I think I’d feel better about it if I didn’t know her make-up “artist” costs $15,000 per day.

  • I still think she’s hideous, and the first dress is terribly ill fitting, don’t they have a tailor on staff?

  • ExAFCrewDog

    The US is going down the crapper and what do the Obummas do? Live the good life, of course. It’s their due. I mean, he’s worked so hard to get where he is and she’s been right there with him. He deserves all the trappings of office and she’s worth every taxpayer dollar she can get her hands on. Isn’t that the way DC does things?

    Not that I believe she paid for those Lady GaGa outfits. They’re “on loan” from a loyal supporter. (who’s waiting for his “green jobs” venture stimulus check)

  • …the colors shine against her hips. And what’s with the tie… is it a tie?