Michele Bachmann: CBS Ignore-Bachmann-Plan E-Mail Leaked – “She’s Not Going to Get Many Questions”

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s campaign is reporting an alleged leaked email written by CBS’ John Dickerson, the network’s political director. Candidates were told that some questions would garner a follow-up response from another candidate. Bachmann aggressively tried to put that rule into effect, but was unsuccessful. I could say: timing took priority, but look at this, the plan was to ignore Bachmann:

Michele Bachmann

It posted on Mrs. Bachmann’s Facebook page what it said was an intercepted e-mail from John Dickerson, CBS News’s new political director, in which he replied to a suggestion from a colleague to have Mrs. Bachmann appear on a post-debate Webcast.

“Okay,” Mr. Dickerson wrote, “let’s keep it loose though since she’s not going to get many questions and she’s nearly off the charts in the hopes that we can get someone else.”

Keith Nahigian, Mrs. Bachmann’s campaign manager, wrote on Facebook that the e-mail was “concrete evidence confirming what every conservative already knows – the liberal mainstream media elites are manipulating the Republican debates.” Source: The Caucus Photo Credit: Richard Shiro/Associated Press

I think every candidate should get every question. We can watch a football for 4 hours, surely we can add 30 minutes to the debates. The press has effectively blocked out Bachmann and Santorum. This is how the Left chooses our candidates for us. Related and Background: Bachmann: Obama Stands with Occupy Movement, Doesn’t Stand with Israel

UPDATE 11-23-11: Linked at Reaganite Republican with more current thoughts on the primaries.

Storm’n Norm’n has more on this. Caught “red-handed” – do you know the historical definition of that term. Read it here.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I hope this goes viral.

    • Me too. Just linked your article.

  • Dosen’t surprise me in the least.. The press has been guiding us to the candidates that they want to have the Democrats run against. If they like someone, like McCaine… for instance, it’s only because he’s defeatable.. Once the candidate then they turn on him or her and start the … He’s stupid or she’s stupid routine. They ignore completely the massive shortcomings of the Democrat candidate.. while just bombarding the public with lies and innuendos. If they ignore, or they attack someone as they do Palin, and Cain.. and dismiss Newt or Bachmann.. it’s because they see them as a powerfull threat to Obama.. Newt would wipe the floor with Obama in debates.. I’m just not all that excited about Romney.. but if he’s the candidate, I’d vote for him.

  • Derek Wain

    “An email from a CBS producer who predicted that Bachmann would not receive many questions from moderators Scott Pelley and Major Garrett.”
    The email is not a “supposed smoking gun” It proves that CBS intended their anti-Bachmann bias to do what they in fact did: ask Bachmann fewer (60%) questions than asked of Romney and Gingrich.
    When you predict what in fact you do, then it shows intent, in this case intent of bias.
    A recent SmartPolitics analysis found that former Massachusetts governor and front-runner for the nomination Mitt Romney has spoken for over 73 minutes in the last 5 debates, more than any other candidate. Texas Governor Rick Perry came in second in terms of speaking time at 54 minutes, followed by Bachmann at 41.

    • Derek Wain: I posted on this and credited it to you. Thanks for the heads up.

  • For what it’s worth, Ron Paul managed to speak a total of 90 seconds in last night’s debate. He was asked three follow up questions and no direct questions. Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum were both allowed more time than Paul.

    • LD, you’re right. I always like to hear Paul. I want to know whether he is right, or Newt is right about undeclared war on entities. I believe in the Rule of Law, the Constitution, and would like to know where the law stands on the issue. I love Paul’s push for declaring war and then fighting it to win it, but I want to know how we can protect the country from enemy combatants that can’t be fought as a country and still follow Rule of Law.

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  • I’m really starting to get angry now. I watched the debate between Cain and Newt.. and man that was informative. Why is the GOP allowing debates to be moderated and controlled by people and networks with an agenda. Newt is right.. Lincoln/Douglas style debates sponsored by the people not any group or party. Put them on stage and let them go at it.. if it takes an hour fine.. if it takes two days.. fine.. let’s get them up there and battle it out, without anyone deciding who or what is asked… I’m sick and tired of the gotcha.. I want to hear from the candidates without anything but policy and ideas being put forth. I’d tell the networks.. and that’s ALL OF THEM.. take a hike.. if you want to cover the debates, then meet us here at this time.. bring your cameras and shut the hell up.. We’re the candidates and we’re tired of being herded by you all.