Mark Levin: Neurosurgeon – Older Patients 70+ (Units) Get Comfort Care Only!

A Neurosurgeon called in to the Mark Levin Show today and said the new Obama healthcare guidelines refer to patients as “units,” once over 70 the “unit” is to receive only “comfort care,” and indeed, Sarah Palin was right, ObamaCare has “death panels.” Listen to video below and think about the 70-year-olds you know today, many of whom still work, are hail and hearty, taking care of grandchildren, traveling and providing much needed services to their communities. This administration is ignoring what we know today: 70 is the new 50.


This story is very close to me right now. I have a dear, dear longtime older friend who is in her 80’s. She was in a minor auto accident, not her fault, and had a brain bleed. She has been in-hospital for more than a month. The doctors immediately gave family the impression that because of her age, they needed to just keep her comfortable. The family brought photos of this beautiful woman who is every bit as active as I am, maybe more so, as she has been in water aerobic classes, three times a week, for 25 years. She has great-great grandchildren, keeps a lovely home and treats all of us to her Sicilian heritage kitchen.

Levin asks a couple of times for clarification that the information the doctor is providing comes from Health and Human Services, which the doctor confirms. The Neurosurgeon says he is German and he mentions the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Visit Mark Levin’s website here. The Lonely Conservative linked and reminds us that only a commie or worse would see an individual as a “unit.”


Brain Surgeon talks with Mark Levin (video)


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