Marizela Perez: Missing – Time Never Heals All Wounds

This year you have undoubtedly read about the disappearance of Michelle Malkin’s cousin, 18-year-old Marizela Perez. Marizela walked out of a Seattle Safeway store on March 5th and hasn’t been seen since. There are no clues. There are no witnesses. There have been no sightings. Malkin has written about Marizela, the heartbreak of the family, and the anguish countless others we never hear about know all too well. Please remember Marizela Perez in your prayers.

Whoever said “time heals all wounds” has only known superficial hurt. ~ Michelle Malkin

Marizela Perez, 18, 5-foot5, 110 pounds, short black hair with brown/red highlights

This from Michelle Malkin writing at Washington Examiner:

Civil War historian Drew Gilpin Faust once described the “aching hearts” of families of the missing “in which the dread void of uncertainty” remains. In the first days and weeks after Marizela went missing, this feeling completely engulfed her parents, relatives and friends near and far.

Marizela Perez

How to express the inexpressible? You try to breathe, but all that fills your lungs is that smoky, stifling uncertainty. You try to eat, but all you can taste is indigestible fear.

You try to sleep, but all that comes is fathomless fatigue. Your heart is weighted with grief, but your soul refuses to mourn. You cling to hope and faith, tie a knot at the ends, and hang on with raw, blistered desperation.

Whoever said “time heals all wounds” has only known superficial hurt. Sharp pangs of panic have metastasized into deep anguish over the past eight months. There have been no investigative leads. No witnesses have come forward. To the police department, as is the case with so many others like her, Marizela is just another bureaucratic burden.

Marizela Perez

In fact, for five full months, the Seattle police shockingly violated state code requiring law enforcement agencies to submit her DNA information and dental X-rays to the Washington State Patrol within 30 days of her disappearance.

After raising a ruckus, we were informed in late October that this legally mandated task was assigned to a “light duty” officer (never identified) who let it slip through the cracks. No one was held accountable for this negligence…

On her left inner arm, Marizela has a tattoo that reads “Lahat ay magiging maayos.” Her friends transformed the saying into a tribute bracelet in her favorite color: bright orange. It’s Tagalog for “Everything’s going to be OK.”

This has become a credo in the ongoing search for Marizela — and it is also a fitting Thanksgiving message. To smile through tears. To savor the sweet over the bitter. To find a way, with the help of God, family and friends, to count our blessings even (and especially) in the midst of great angst. Because in the end: “All will be well.”

If you have any information about Marizela Perez, please call the tip line 1-855-MARIZEL. Go to for photos, videos and updates. Read more at Please click the link above to the Washington Examiner for more information.

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