Larry Link Murder Update: Graffiti – Can You Decipher These Markings?

Larry Link was murdered in June 2011. He and his wife were the owners of Stein’s Ghost Town in Steins, Hildalgo Country, New Mexico. The Ghost Town has been closed to tourists for three years. Steins is about three miles from the Arizona-New Mexico border at Milepost 3 along Interstate 10, and about 80 miles from the U.S. Mexico border. In this update, I want to show you some graffiti found near Link’s body and give the few details that have been reported. The graffiti may be a big break in this case. If you recognize anything here, I have the contact information for the police below.

Mr. Link’s body was found by his son at about 6:15 a.m. on June 7, 2011, lying near his car or truck, and about 200 feet from his house. He had been shot twice and the gun was found nearby. It was not Link’s gun. The Link’s semi-trailer was about 100 feet from his body. Items from inside the semi-trailer were found strewn on the ground. Police found graffiti inside the trailer which was used by the Link family for storage. The family said the graffiti was not present a couple of days before the murder. Here are the police photos of the markings on the interior wall which were written with a marker (the first looks like the pitchfork generally associated with Satan – and then there is the “S” below it – but who knows?).

Alamogordo Daily News:

The markings, graffiti and monikers on the trailer had the letters “U” or “W”, “S” and “S” with a line running vertically through all three letters and the letters “GOKU”.

State police investigators are asking for the public’s help in an attempt to determine the meaning behind some of the markings, graffiti and monikers, which could potentially identify a suspect or suspects.

Anyone with information can contact the State Police at 575-524-6117. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous can contact Crime Stoppers at 575-542-8827. There is also a $2,000 reward being offered to anyone with information in helping investigation solve the homicide of Larry Link.

"Uncle Larry" - Larry Link

A search for the word GOKU yields only information on a popular anime series, Dragon Ball, with the central character known as “Goku”, and “Son Goku,” (but not with a backward K).

“Goku” means aware of emptiness (The ‘Go’ syllable means enlightenment, and the ‘Ku’ syllable means Sky or Emptiness). Source

It’s not likely the animated series has a thing to do with Link’s death, but it is odd that the word doesn’t seem to appear in any other context that I can find.

Robbery has been suspicioned, but Link’s wallet was on his nightstand. The family says he suffers from insomnia, is often up, out and about at night, trying to walk himself into a sleepy state. He was strict about not allowing anyone to sleep on the grounds of Steins Ghost Ranch or in the parking lot. If he noticed a vehicle, he made them move on, so the questions: 1) did he see someone by the semi-trailer, and could he have surprised them? 2) did he see someone in the parking lot, who then could have made him open the semi-trailer? 3) was he just out for a walk and someone showed up? I’m sure there are many other options.

…His wife of 50 years saw him in his chair about 2:30 a.m., awake and restless with his insomnia. She blew him a kiss, and he returned the gesture…Only the killer may know the answer. Source: Las Cruces Sun-News

From the beginning, the Link family has made it clear they do not suspect illegal aliens are involved in the murder.   If you know anything about the markings in the pictures, or have any other information, please call authorities at the numbers provided above. Remember, you can stay anonymous by calling the Crime Stoppers line. Read the original story here and see a video.

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