LA Occupiers Get Farmland Office Space – Package of Incentives

I can no longer say occupiers around the country have accomplished nothing. Los Angeles occupiers, if they leave the City Hall area, will get downtown office space and FARMLAND! Its a “package of incentives,” and they have their own attorney.

Lafferty said city officials have offered protesters a $1-a-year lease on a 10,000-square-foot office space near City Hall. He said officials also promised land elsewhere for protesters who wish to farm, as well as additional housing for the contingent of homeless people who joined the camp.

So, the farmland is owned by whom? The Feds, the county?

Trouble in LA-La-Land. Remember, within the Occupy movement, there is no pyramidal authority. Everything is horizontal. No one is the boss:

The proposals were received with a mix of excitement, anger and disbelief among protesters, many of whom did not know that members of the camp were in negotiations with city officials.

“I don’t appreciate people appointing themselves to represent me, to represent us,” one woman called out during the assembly. “Who was in those meetings?” Source LA Times

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  • Be interesting to see how this unfolds…

    It’s almost funny to watch the emergence of an “occupier political class” in only two months. They’ve also managed to create a working class, (kitchen, security and so forth) as well as a welfare class–the ones that do drugs all day–except when they visit the kitchen.

  • These idiots with farmland will be starving within a year. The words “hard work” is below them and no one will do any work.

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  • You know, if it were any other place, I would say this was just a set up to make the Occupiers fail. However, being LA, it is within the realm of their stupidity.

  • “I don’t appreciate people appointing themselves to represent me, to represent us,”
    Yeah, now you know how the rest of us feel, with you idiot occupoopers claiming to represent 99% of us – YOU DON’T.

    Appeasement never works, all this will do is embolden the occupoopers to become more vile and create more mayhem, because they now see that if they are horrible enough, cities may give them all kinds of free stuff that they never even asked for.

    I guess LA isn’t fiscally hemorrhaging like the rest of California if they can afford to spoil those tantrum throwing adult babies.

  • So it looks like Occupy LA on one hand got real estate, but on the other many won’t relocate. Win-win.

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  • 99% – more like zero % in brains. Evil occupier pricks that won’t amount to a dime the rest of their lives. Stay in LA and let’s see how well you get along with each other – just a matter of time until no one on the face of the earth will want to hear a dumb word they got to say. This whole ordeal is a boring bunch of nonsense already and a fat waste of time.