Joshua Komisarjevsky Rapist, Torturer, Killer Wants 9-Yr-Old Daughter to Testify

Joshua Komisarjevsky, the man convicted of raping and burning to death an 11-year-old girl wants his 9-year-old daughter to come to court to plead for his life. If the Judge allows this obscenity he should be disbarred. Eleven-year-old Michaela Petit’s mother, Jennifer Hawke-Petit were both raped. Haley Peitit, 17, along with Jennifer and Michaela were tied to their beds and burned to death. The father, Dr. William Petit, Jr. was badly beaten and tied-up in the basement. He survived. Komisarjevsky was convicted of the deaths of the three, along with Steven Hayes.

UPDATE 12-9-11: Joshua Komisarjevsky was sentenced to death today.

Joshua Komisarjevsky

Komisarjevsky’s family has been in court recalling his tortured childhood. His mother testified that on the night of the home invasion and the murders of the Hawke-Petit family, she suspected  her son might have been involved.

Michaela Petit, William Petit, Haley Petit and Jennifer Hawke-Petit (L-R)

The 9-year-old daughter’s testimony has no place in a court of law, even if done by videotape. What can be expected of a 9-year-old who likely loves her father and knows little about his demonic nature? Or worse, what can be expected of a 9-year-old who might well know her father is a monster, and be afraid to say so? Hopefully she is freed of his influence on her life. TheSouthingtonPatch has good background on the evil that is Joshua Komisarjevsky.

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