Herman Cain Sharon Bialek: Obligatory Genitals and Crotch Story Video

The details of Sharon Bialek’s timely claim against Herman Cain is now out. “Vile” is the only word that comes to mind. This could have been predicted. So far there were no claims of Cain touching anyone. Accusers who would not come forward were getting no where. Now we have “the hand up the skirt” story and the obligatory use of the words “genitals” and “crotch.” See the video below.

Sharon Bialek

I just heard a caller on with Sean Hannity on his radio show. He reminded us of Juanita Brodderick and how her story was a story of true rape, and never given an ounce of credibility by Bill Clinton’s press. The caller had an avenue to call attorney Gloria Allred on behalf of Brodderick, which he did. He asked Allred to at least meet and talk to her and to consider representing her. Allred said she wasn’t interested [in defeating Democrat Bill Clinton].

No way to know if that story is true, but it certainly could be. No conservative woman will find a voice in the press when she is sexually harassed, except for the women after a Republican man.

Robert Stacy McCain asks:

Will conservatives passively accept the power of the media (and Gloria Allred) to choose the GOP’s presidential candidate? Will there be no pushback from conservatives against this?

This presumption would seem to ignore the possibility that Cain’s supporters might react by saying, “To hell with this! We don’t give a damn what happened in 1997! We’re tired of these kinds of sleazy games and we’re sticking with Herman Cain!”

Ran at Si Vis Pacem:

Oh, there’s unsolicited sex all right… the Left attempting to screw Cain.

Bialek says she’s a Republican.  The Guardian says Bialek’s “unveiling” happened at The New York City Friars Club. Read the details.

UPDATE 11-8-11: The latest run-down on Sharon Bialek – Who Hugged Who and Did Bialek Accuse a former boss of sexual harassment?

Sharon Bialek Accuses Herman Cain (video)

 Photograph Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • If this was true then she would have filed a lawsuit in 1997. But with Gloria Allred in the background, it is very unlikely that Cain did anything wrong.

  • She’s reading a prepared statement and even then, she seems not to know what exactly she’s supposed to say. This may have happened but I’m going to call BS on this. Why wait so long to come forward with this? Why not bring it up back when Cain ran for the Senate or started his campaign? Why wait till the other accusations are gaining traction in the media. Anita Hill would be a nobody today if she hadn’t made those accusations against Clarance Thomas.

    I think with the first two women there is something there. They had the guts to file a complaint but the other two are nothing but looses trying to cash in.

  • Maya Pinion

    Very easy to get proof of this allegation. Bialek says Cain paid for an upgrade to her hotel in 1997. If that is true, bring on the receipt. The hotel will have records.

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  • Did anyone notice her smiling… like I did… or was that just me. Did she seem disturbed by what she was alleging? Wasn’t she just a bit to over quaffed?

    My gut tells me, if you have to read your story of what someone did to you, then it’s made up, not real.. Not one tear not one moment of catching her breath because she was so disturbed. This rings of a total scam. Where are the accusations from other woman, over the years when he worked at his other jobs.. only with this one he was with for just a short time? Something stinks here and it’s not just her lawyer.

  • Pat S

    Is Sharon Bialek related to Gloria Allred? Take that blonde wig off her head and she would look like Allred’s twin! Sorry, her “story” just sounds too scripted.

  • pp

    yo dave, yes i saw the smirk and nervous laughter. i had to look up quaff its verb that means to swallow hurriedly or greedily. what does over quaffed mean?

    • I was talking about her over done hair.. Probably chose the wrong word to describe this gold digging, opportunist, woman.. :)As she talked, honesty wasn’t the word that came to mind..

  • She is a broke, broken down, hooker looking for money. The bitch Allred is all to willing to go after the big $$$ for her. Look for lots of TV and a book. Allred will make out like a bandit. The LSM will not publish her shady past but will ding on Cain til the cows come home. And the race hustlers, Jackson and Al the clown Sharpton are deadly quite on this one. Guess Herman is too “Black” for them to help. Damn certain he is not one of the plantation house “boys”.

  • Afticker.. I hear Allred say something very telling in an interview.. She was asked, what the next step would be, and Allred said, and I’m not quoting exactly.. don’t have a perfect recorder mind.. but she said, “Now it’s time for the court of public opinion.. Let the voters decide” Now isn’t that interesting.. nothing about going to court to gain this POOOOOOOr Woman’s pride back, just leave it to the court of public opinion.. This tells me they have no case or believe me Allred would be going for the bucks..

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  • Patricia

    So Cain is accused by 5 women, not 1, 2, 3, 4 but 5 women. When you play in the big leagues, things come to light. President Obama was the first black president, how come women didn’t line up to smear him for money???? Exactly, Stop supporting a perv.

    • Patricia, there are some allegations, but the press ignored it all. There are also murders in his own church that are odd, but no investigations. Haven’t you noticed that no one will investigate anything about Obama?

      By the way, the National Restaurant Association has released Karen from her confidentiality agreement. Where is it?

      • Patricia… are you serious..? Are you so in the tank of Obama, you don’t see the lack of interest in anything Obama by the press? There never was a hard scrutiny of anything in Obama’s past. Well anyway.. all I have to say is, good luck with that lack of interest in seeing your being duped by a very liberal press and in some cases, by reporters and commentators who are very open to the public about their socialist leanings. You keep taking what they say, as fact, then your just a sheep waiting to be fleeced and slaughtered.. I’m not going down that way.. I have a common sense brain and an inquisitive mind.