Herman Cain: Second Best CNBC Debate Response HR3000

Herman Cain had the second-best moment in the CNBC debate last night. He noted that legislation has been in the House for more than a year to allow medical decisions to remain between the doctor and the patient, not Washington, D.C. bureaucrats. HR 3000 and HR 3400 were sent to committee by Nancy Pelosi (Cain refers to her as Princess Nancy) and hasn’t seen the light of day since. I loved Newt’s repartee with Maria Bartiromo on the lack of accuracy in media reporting on history and the economy, and it was my Number 1 favorite moment, but Cain pointed to a serious, serious flaw in having Democrats in control of Congress. HR 3000 is just one example of legislation that would begin to bring our economy back if approved by the Democrat Senate. So thumbs up to Mr. Cain who pointed to work done by the House that was buried by Democrats.

Herman Cain

The legislation is titled Empowering Patients First Act. No Democrat in Congress wants voters empowered in anyway. Congressman Tom Price (R-GA-6th) sponsored the Bill and 19 Republicans co-sponsored. Another title: Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare (HEALTH) Act of 2011.


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  • http://www.wpgb.com/player/?station=WPGB-FM&program_name=podcast&program_id=quinn.xml&mid=21579612

    Jim Quinn poses the idea that Bialek’s accusation that Cain is a “pathological liar” was made to the lay ground work for Cain’s likely passing any polygraph test.


    I smell Axelrod all over this gal.

    • I agree Ran… I was listening to what the Obama tools have done to others in the past and now.. Why didn’t all these women come out when Cain ran for president years ago.. My answer, he wasn’t a threat back then.. as soon as he became one and started to move to the front of the pack.. of Republican candidates, all of a sudden a couple of woman make accusations anonymously, then this woman who lives in the SAME BUILDING AS AXELROD comes out of the woodwork with a despicable female lawyer who I won’t even say her name because she’s disgusting.. at her elbow as she makes wild accusations with no evidence at all.
      I’m sending donations to Cain even though I can’t afford it. I’m totally tired of this kind of trial by public opinion shit. They do this with anyone who threatens a Democrat candidate.

  • Mary M

    Cain gave excellent answers. He is did a great job. Ignore the droves of Ronbot spammers. They just need to find a job and a developed frontal lobe.

    His closing line was outstanding! YEEEAH! Lol Fanny Mae Freddy Mac and Dodd and Frank were catalysts for this entire problem!